Karl Henrik Johansson's Research Group

Below is a list of current and past members of my research group, together with their current affiliation. The list includes all PhD and Licentiate Theses completed under my supervision. (MSc students and their theses are not included, but can be downloaded from the database DiVA.) Please, contact me if you are interested in working on a thesis subject related to my interest, either towards a MSc or a PhD degree, or if you are interested in a postdoc position.

Research Group


  • Ting Bai, Postdoc (PhD from Shanghai Jiao Tong University): Transportation systems

  • Nicola Bastianello, Postdoc (PhD from University of Padova): Online and distributed optimization

  • Kun Cao, Postdoc (PhD from Nanyang Technological University): Distributed localization and formation control (joint with Lihua Xie, NTU)

  • Guanpu Chen, Postdoc (PhD from Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences): Network games and cybersecurity

  • Peihu Duan, Postdoc (PhD from Peking University): Distributed Estimation

  • Changxin Liu, Postdoc (PhD from University of Victoria): Privacy in decentralized learning and control

  • Christos Mavridis, Postdoc (PhD from University of Maryland): Control theory and system identification

  • Kateryna Morozovska, Postdoc (PhD from KTH): Energy system and physics-informed learning

  • Umar Niazi, Postdoc (PhD from University of Grenoble Alpes): Estimation and control of networked systems (joint with Munther A. Dahleh, MIT)

  • Aneesh Raghavan, Postdoc (PhD from University of Maryland): Multi-agent decision making

  • Zhiqi Tang, Postdoc (PhD from University of Lisbon and Université Côte d'Azur): Multi-agent decision-making in transport systems

  • Dan Wang, Postdoc (PhD from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): Phase theory and dynamical networks

  • Lingfei Wang, Postdoc (PhD from Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences): Social networks

  • Ying Wang, Postdoc (PhD from Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences): Estimation and control of quantized networked systems

  • Yu Xing, Postdoc (PhD from Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences): Social networks

PhD Students

  • Miguel Aguiar, PhD student: Learning and control (co-supervisor João Sousa, Porto University)

  • Mahsa Farjadnia, PhD student: Data-driven building automation (main supervisor Marco Molinari)

  • Alice Harting, PhD student: Physics-informed generative AI (co-supervisor Matthieu Barreau)

  • Frank Jiang, PhD student: Dynamic allocation of decision processes for automated vehicles (co-supervisor Jonas Mårtensson)

  • Amir Mohammad Karimi-Mamaghan, PhD student: Casual representation learning (main supervisor Stefan Bauer, TUM)

  • Shuqing Liu, PhD student: Formal methods in swarm robotics (main supervisor Rong Su, NTU)

  • Adam Miksits, PhD student: Perception-based control of 5G-enabled collaborative mobile robots (co-supervisors Magnus Lindhe and Jose Araujo, Ericsson)

  • Vandana Narri, PhD student: Situational awareness under complex traffic scenarios (co-supervisor Jonas Mårtensson)

  • Alejandro Penacho Riveiros, PhD student: Physics-informed neural networks for real time control (co-supervisor Matthieu Barreau)

  • Franco Ruggeri, PhD student: Explainable reinforcement learning and control (co-supervisor Rafia Inam, Ericsson)

  • Mahmoud Selim, PhD student: Motion planning for autonomous heavy-duty trucks in all-weather road conditions (co-supervisors Jonas Mårtensson, KTH, and Jezdimir Milosevic, Scania)

  • Elis Stefansson, PhD student: Human-robot interactions and control (co-supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  • Kam Fai Elvis Tsang, PhD student: Multi-agent control systems security

  • Gustav Vallinder, PhD student: Motion control for autonomous heavy-duty trucks in all-weather road conditions (main supervisor Jonas Mårtensson, KTH)

  • Zifan Wang, PhD student: Risk-aware networked controls and games (co-supervisor Michael Zavlanos, Duke University)

  • Dennis Wilkman, PhD student: Physics-informed neural networks for power systems (co-supervisor Matthieu Barreau)

Former Postdocs and PhD Students

Former postdocs

  1. Angela Fontan, 2021-2024, currently Assistant Professor at KTH

  2. Ziwen Yang, 2021-2023, currently Researcher at City University of Hong Kong

  3. Touraj Soleymani, 2019-2022, currently Researcher at Imperial College London, UK

  4. Amritam Das, 2021-2022, currently Assistant Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

  5. Yuan Wang, 2020-2022, currently Associate Professor at Hunan University, China

  6. Yuhao Yi, 2020-2022, currently Appointed Researcher at Sichuan University, China

  7. Junsoo Kim, 2021-2022, currently Assistant Professor at Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Korea

  8. Apostolos Rikos, 2020-2022, currently Postdoc at Boston University, USA

  9. Miel Sharf, 2020-2022, currently Researcher at Jether Energy Research, Israel

  10. Amr Alanwar, 2020-2021, currently Assistant Professor, Constructor University, Germany

  11. Hampei Sasahara, 2019-2021, currently Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

  12. Sebin Gracy, 2019-2022, currently assistant professor at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, USA

  13. Matthieu Barreau, 2019-2021, currently Assistant Professor, KTH

  14. Yvonne Stürz, 2019-2021, currently consultant in data science and AI at b.telligent, Switzerland

  15. Urszula Libal, 2019-2020, currently with Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland

  16. Xingkang He, 2018-2021, currently with Ericsson, Sweden

  17. Vahid Mamduhi, 2017-2020, currently Senior Scientist, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

  18. Philip E. Paré, 2019-2020, currently Assistant Professor, Purdue University, United States

  19. Matin Jafarian, 2016-2020, currently Assistant Professor, TU Delft, the Netherlands

  20. Kuize Zhang, 2017-2020, currently Assistant Professor, University of Surrey, UK

  21. Anton Selivanov, 2018-2019, currently Lecturer at the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

  22. Jieqiang Wei, 2016-2019, currently Researcher at Ericsson, Sweden

  23. Ehsan Nekouei, 2017-2019, currently Assistant Professor at City University of Hong Kong

  24. Song Fang, 2018-2019, currently Researcher at New York University, USA

  25. Xiaoqiang Ren, 2018-2019, currently Assistant Professor at Shanghai University, China (awarded Chinese 1000 Talent Plan grant)

  26. Mohammad Pirani, 2018-2019, currently Researcher at University of Toronto, Canada

  27. Jaehyun Yoo, 2016-2018, currently Assistant Professor at Hankyong National University, Korea

  28. Takashi Tanaka, 2015-2017, currently Assistant Professor at University of Texas, Austin, USA

  29. Jungfeng Wu, 2014-2017, currently Assistant Professor at Zhejiang University, China (received Guan Zhao-Zhi Award and Chinese 1000 Talent Plan grant)

  30. Moritz Wiese, 2014-2016, currently Researcher at TU Munich, Germany

  31. Marco Molinari, 2013-2016, currently Researcher at KTH

  32. Adam Molin, 2014-2016, currently Assistant Technical Manager at DENSO, Germany

  33. Bart Besselink, 2012-2016, currently Assistant Professor at University of Groningen, the Netherlands

  34. Wei Chen, 2016, currently Assistant Professor at Peking University, China

  35. Tomonori Sadamoto, 2015-2016, currently Assistant Professor at University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan

  36. Alessandra Parisio, 2012-2015, currently Lecturer at University of Manchester, UK

  37. Weiguo Xia, 2014-2015, currently Professor at Dalian University of Technology, China

  38. Davide Liuzza, 2013-2015, currently Researcher at University of Sannio, Benevento, Italy

  39. Kun Liu, 2013-2015, currently Associate Professor at Beijing Institute of Technology, China

  40. Tao Yang, 2012-2014, currently Professor at Northeastern University, China (awarded Chinese 1000 Talent Plan grant)

  41. Ziyang Meng, 2012-2014, currently Associate Professor at Tsinghua University, China (awarded Humboldt Research Fellowship and Chinese 1000 Talent Plan grant)

  42. Takayuki Ishizaki, 2012, currently Assistant Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

  43. Damiano Varagnolo, 2011-2013, currently Professor at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

  44. Guodong Shi, 2010-2014, currently Senior Lecturer at University of Sydney, Australia

  45. Kin-Cheong Sou, 2010-2012, currently Assistant Professor at National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan

  46. James Weimer, 2010-2012, currently Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt Univerisity, USA

  47. Daniel Lehmann, 2011-2012, currently Head of Electrical Engineering and Automation at STEAG Energy Services GmbH, Germany

  48. Milos Stankovic, 2010-2012, currently at University of Belgrade, Serbia

  49. Iman Shames, 2010-2012, currently Professor at Australian National University, Australia

  50. Ubaldo Tiberi, 2011-2012, currently Principal Control System Research Engineer at Volvo Group Trucks Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

  51. Yassine Ariba, 2010, currently Associate Professor at ICAM and LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France

  52. Phoebus Chen, 2009-2011, currently Lead Software Engineer, Machine Learning at C3.AI, San Francisco, USA

  53. Corentin Briat, 2009-2011, currently Researcher at ETH Zurich, Switzerland

  54. Dimos Dimarogonas, 2007-2009, currently Professor at KTH

  55. Alexandre Seuret, 2007-2008, currently Directeur de Recherche, CNRS, LAAS, Toulouse, France

  56. Maben Rabi, 2006-2009, currently Professor at Ostfold University College, Norway

  57. Emmanuel Witrant, 2006-2007, currently Associate Professor at GIPSA-lab, Grenoble, France

  58. Carlo Fischione, 2005-2007, currently Professor at KTH, Sweden

  59. Henrik Jansson, 2005-2007, currently at RaySearch Laboratories, Sweden

  60. Michael Rotkowitz, 2005-2006, currently Research Scientist at Lyft, San Francisco, USA

  61. Luigi Iannelli, 2003, currently Associate Professor at University degli Studi del Sannio, Benevento, Italy

PhD theses completed under my supervision or co-supervision

  1. Joana Fonseca: Optimizing Ocean Feature Estimation and Tracking through Adaptive Sampling and Formation Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, PhD thesis, Sep, 2023, currently at KTH (co-supervisor Jonas Mårtensson)

  2. Yuchao Li: Approximate Methods of Optimal Control via Dynamic Programming Models, PhD thesis, Mar, 2023, currently at KTH (main supervisor Jonas Mårtensson)

  3. Alexander Johansson: Coordination of cross-carrier truck platooning, PhD thesis, Oct, 2022, currently at Swedish Defence Research Agency (main supervisor Jonas Mårtensson)

  4. David Umsonst: Stealthy Sensor Attacks on Feedback Systems: Attack Analysis and Detector-based Defense Mechanisms, PhD thesis, Nov, 2021, currently at Ericsson, Sweden (main supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  5. Hanxiao Liu: Analysis, Detection, and Mitigation of Attacks in Cyber-physical Systems, PhD thesis, Sep, 2021, currently at Shanghai University (main supervisor Lihua Xie, Nanyang Technological University)

  6. Joakim Björk: Fundamental control performance limitations for interarea oscillation damping and frequency stability, PhD thesis, Jun, 2021, currently at Svenska Kraftnät (co-supervisor Lennart Harnefors)

  7. Mladen Cicic: Modelling and Lagrangian control of mixed traffic: platoon coordination, congestion dissipation and state reconstruction, PhD thesis, Mar, 2021, currently at GIPSA-lab, Grenoble, (co-supervisor Jonas Mårtensson)

  8. Takuya Iwaki: Resource-aware wireless process control, PhD thesis, Feb, 2021, currently at Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (co-supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  9. Dominik Baumann: Learning and control strategies for cyber-physical systems: from wireless control over deep reinforcement learning to causal identification, PhD thesis, Dec, 2020, currently at Aalto University (main supervisor Sebastian Trimpe, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems)

  10. Yulong Gao: Safe autonomy under uncertainty: computation, control, and application, PhD thesis, Dec, 2020, currently postdoc at Oxford University (co-supervisor Lihua Xie, Nanyang Technological University)

  11. Xinlei Yi: Distributed optimization and control: primal–dual, online, and event-triggered algorithms, PhD thesis, Oct, 2020, currently postdoc at MIT (co-supervisors John Baras and Dimos Dimarogonas)

  12. Jezdimir Milosevic: Security metrics and allocation of security resources for control systems, PhD thesis, Mar, 2020, currently at Scania, Sweden (main supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  13. Emma Tegling: Fundamental limitations of distributed feedback control in large-scale networks, PhD thesis, Jan, 2019, currently associate professor at Lund University, Sweden (main supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  14. Antonio Adaldo: Event-triggered and cloud-supported control of multi-robot systems, PhD thesis, Jun, 2018, currently at Mathworks, United Kingdom (co-supervisor Dimos Dimarogonas)

  15. Valerio Turri: Look-ahead control for fuel-efficient and safe heavy-duty vehicle platooning, PhD thesis, May, 2018, currently at Einride (co-supervisor Jonas Mårtensson)

  16. Sebastian van de Hoef: Coordination of heavy-duty vehicle platooning, PhD thesis, Apr, 2018, currently at HERE, Germany (main supervisor Dimos Dimarogonas)

  17. Håkan Terelius, Optimization and control in dynamical network systems, PhD thesis, Nov, 2016, currently at Google, Sweden (co-supervisor Alexandre Proutiere)

  18. Kuo-Yun Liang, Fuel-efficient heavy-duty vehicle platoon formation, PhD thesis, Jan, 2016, currently at Scania, Sweden (co-supervisor Jonas Mårtensson)

  19. Meng Guo, Hybrid control of multi-robot systems under complex temporal tasks, PhD thesis, Jan, 2016, currently assistant professor at Peking University, China (main supervisor Dimos Dimarogonas)

  20. Andre Teixeira, Toward cyber-secure and resilient networked control systems, PhD thesis, Nov, 2014, currently Associate Senior Lecturer at Uppsala University, Sweden (main supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  21. Jose Araujo, Design, implementation and validation of resource-aware and resilient wireless networked control systems, PhD thesis, Oct, 2014, currently Senior Researcher at Ericsson, Sweden (co-supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  22. Assad Alam, Fuel-Efficient heavy-duty vehicle platooning, PhD thesis, Jun, 2014, currently Research Manager at Ericsson, Sweden (co-supervisor Jonas Martensson)

  23. Chithrupa Ramesh, State-based channel access for a network of control systems, PhD thesis, Apr, 2014, currently Chief Software Engineer at Zuken, United Kingdom (co-supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  24. Farhad Farokhi, Decentralized control of networked systems: information asymmetries and limitations, PhD Thesis, Mar, 2014, currently Senior Lecturer at Univeristy of Melbourne, Australia (co-supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  25. Erik Henriksson (Kilsand), Predictive control for wireless networked systems in process industry, PhD Thesis, Mar, 2014, currently at Scania, Sweden (co-supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  26. Piergiuseppe Di Marco, Modeling and design of wireless protocols for networked control applications, PhD Thesis, Jan, 2013, currently Assistant Professor at University of L’Aquila, Italy (co-supervisor Carlo Fischione)

  27. Magnus Lindhe, Communication-aware motion planning for mobile robots, PhD Thesis, Feb 2012, currently Research Leader at Ericsson, Sweden

  28. Per Sahlholm, Distributed road grade estimation for heavy duty vehicles, PhD Thesis, Mar 2011, currently Head of of Autonomous Continuous Integration Platform at Scania, Sweden (co-supervisors Ather Gattami and Henrik Jansson)

  29. Pangun Park, Modeling, analysis, and design of wireless sensor network protocols, PhD Thesis, Jan 2011, currently Associate Professor at Chungnam National University, Korea (co-supervisor Carlo Fischione)

  30. Lei Bao, Control over low-rate noisy channels, Jun 2009, PhD Thesis, currently at Ericsson, Sweden (main supervisor Mikael Skoglund)

  31. Björn Johansson, On distributed optimization in networked systems, PhD Thesis, Dec 2008, currently at Scania, Sweden (main supervisor Mikael Johansson)

  32. Krister Jacobsson, Dynamic modeling of Internet congestion control, PhD Thesis, May 2008, currently Head of Data and Automation at H2 Green Steel, Sweden (main supervisor Håkan Hjalmarsson)

  33. Niels Möller, Window-based congestion control: Modeling, analysis and design, PhD Thesis, Jan 2008, currently Software Engineer at Glasklar Teknik, Sweden (co-supervisor Håkan Hjalmarsson)

  34. Alberto Speranzon, Coordination, consensus and communication in multi-robot control systems, PhD Thesis, May 2006, currently Chief Scientist at Lockheed Martin, USA (co-supervisor Bo Wahlberg)

Lic. theses completed under my supervision or co-supervision

  1. Miguel Aguiar, Learning flow functions: architectures, universal approximation and applications to spiking systems, Lic Thesis, Mar, 2024 (co-supervisor João Sousa, Porto University)

  2. Elis Stefansson, Complexity-aware decision-making with applications to large-scale and human-in-the-loop systems, Lic Thesis, Jun, 2023 (co-supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  3. Joana Fonseca, Cooperative multi-vehicle circumnavigation and tracking of a mobile target, Lic Thesis, Mar, 2020 (co-supervisor Jonas Mårtensson)

  4. David Umsonst, Tuning of anomaly detectors in the presence of sensor attacks, Lic Thesis, Oct, 2019 (main supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  5. Joakim Björk, Performance quantification of interarea oscillation damping using HVDC, Lic Thesis, Apr, 2019 (co-supervisor Lennart Harnefors)

  6. Dominik Baumann, Fast and resource-efficient control of wireless cyber-physical systems, Lic Thesis, Feb, 2019 (main supervisor Sebastian Trimpe, MPI IS)

  7. Mladen, Cicic, Control of vehicle platoons and traffic dynamics: catch-up coordination and congestion dissipation, Lic Thesis, Dec, 2018 (co-supervisor Jonas Mårtensson)

  8. Takuya Iwaki, Wireless sensor network scheduling and event-based control for industrial processes, Lic Thesis, Nov, 2018 (co-supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  9. Yulong Gao, Stochastic invariance and aperiodic control for uncertain constrained systems, Lic Thesis, Nov, 2018 (co-supervisor Lihua Xie)

  10. Jezdimir Milosevic, Model based impact analysis and security measure allocation for control systems, Lic Thesis, Mar, 2018 (main supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  11. Xinlei Yi, Dynamic event-triggered and predictive self-triggered control for multi-agent systems, Lic Thesis, Sep, 2017 (co-supervisors Dimos Dimarogonas and John Baras)

  12. Antonio Adaldo, Event-triggered control of multi-agent systems: pinning control, cloud coordination, and sensor coverage, Lic Thesis, Sep, 2016 (co-supervisor Dimos Dimarogonas)

  13. Kaveh Paridari, Optimal and resilient control with applications in smart distribution grids, Lic Thesis, Sep, 2016 (main supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  14. Sebastian Van De Hoef, Fuel-efficient centralized coordination of truck platooning, Lic Thesis, Jun, 2016 (main supervisor Dimos Dimarogonas)

  15. Emma Tegling, On performance limitations of large-scale networks with distributed feedback control, Lic Thesis, May, 2016 (main supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  16. Valerio Turri, Fuel-efficient and safe heavy-duty vehicle platooning through look-ahead control, Lic Thesis, Oct, 2015 (co-supervisor Jonas Mårtensson)

  17. Kuo-Yun Liang, Coordination and routing for fuel-efficient heavy-duty vehicle platoon, Lic Thesis, Apr, 2014 (co-supervisor Jonas Mårtensson)

  18. Meng Guo, Cooperative motion and task planning under temporal tasks, Lic Thesis, Mar, 2014 (main supervisor Dimos Dimarogonas)

  19. Håkan Terelius, Consensus algorithms in dynamical network systems, Lic Thesis, Nov, 2013 (co-supervisor Alexandre Proutiere)

  20. Martin Andreasson, Control of multi-agent systems with applications to distributed frequency control power systems, Lic Thesis, Mar, 2013 (co-supervisor Henrik Sandberg). In Memorian

  21. Farhad Farokhi, Decentralized control design with limited plant model information, Lic Thesis, Feb, 2012 (co-supervisor Ather Gattami)

  22. Andre Teixeira, Toward secure and reliable networked control systems, Lic Thesis, Dec 2011 (main supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  23. Jose Araujo, Design and implementation of resource-aware wireless networked control systems, Lic Thesis, Oct 2011 (co-supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  24. Assad Alam, Fuel-efficient distributed control for heavy duty vehicle platooning, Lic Thesis, Oct 2011 (co-supervisor Ather Gattami)

  25. Chithrupa Ramesh, Contention-based multiple access architectures for networked control systems, Lic Thesis, Feb 2011 (co-supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  26. Piergiuseppe Di Marco, Modeling and design of multi-hop energy efficient wireless networks for control applications, Lic Thesis, Dec 2010 (co-supervisor Carlo Fischione)

  27. Pan Gun Park, Protocol design for control applications using wireless sensor networks, Lic Thesis, Oct 2009 (co-supervisor Carlo Fischione)

  28. Erik Henriksson, Compensating for unreliable communication links in networked control systems, Lic Thesis, Sep 2009 (co-supervisor Henrik Sandberg)

  29. Per Sahlholm, Iterative road grade estimation for heavy duty vehicle control, Lic Thesis, Dec 2008

  30. Magnus Lindhé, On communication and flocking in multi-robot systems, Lic Thesis, Nov 2007

  31. Oscar Flärdh, Modelling, analysis and experimentation of a simple feedback scheme for error correction control, Lic Thesis, Mar 2007 (co-supervisor Mikael Johansson), currently at Scania

  32. Björn Johansson, Distributed resource allocation in networked systems using decomposition techniques, Lic Thesis, Aug 2006 (main supervisor Mikael Johansson)

  33. Lei Bao, Source-channel coding for closed-loop control, Lic Thesis, Jun 2006 (main supervisor Mikael Skoglund)

  34. Niels Möller, Automatic control in TCP over wireless, Lic Thesis, Sep 2005 (co-supervisor Håkan Hjalmarsson)

  35. Alberto Speranzon, On control under communication constraints in autonomous multi-robot systems, Lic Thesis, Nov 2004 (co-supervisor Bo Wahlberg)

  36. Niklas Pettersson, Modeling and control of auxilary loads in heavy vehiles, Lic Thesis, Oct 2004 (co-supervisor Bo Wahlberg)