Elias Riedel Gårding

Student of theoretical physics with a background in maths and computer science.

Currently a PhD student at Uppsala University (homepage).


Curriculum vitae




Quantum Structure of holographic black holes

My masters's thesis. The AdS/CFT correspondence for the BTZ black hole.


Bell Diagonal and Werner state generation: entanglement, non-locality, steering and discord on the IBM quantum computer

Research project in quantum computing at EPFL.
Preprint on arXiv
Second prize winner in the IBM Quantum Best Paper Award 2019.

Our Theory of Very Nearly Everything

Popular science article about quantum field theory and the Standard Model of particle physics, written for Plus Magazine.

Published four-part version
Original PDF version

Control over Gaussian Channels With and Without Source–Channel Separation

Geometric algebra, conformal geometry and the common curves problem

My bachelor's thesis. Contains a thorough introduction to geometric algebra aimed at undergraduates, an overview of conformal geometric algebra and an application to a mathematical problem in cryo-electron microscopy.

Poster (Swedish)
Presentation for physics students (Swedish)
Presentation for maths students (Swedish)

All-Optical Wavelength Conversion for NRZ-OOK Signal based on Four-Wave Mixing in a Silicon Waveguide

Summer project at the Joint Research Centre of Photonics (JORCEP) at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China.



Symmetry made coherent

Given on 2018–03–15 as part of the CMS's Lent Term Seminar Series.

Handwritten notes

Geometric/Clifford algebra: A better vector algebra for physics

Given on 2017–12–01 as part of the CMS's Michaelmas Term Seminar Series.

Handwritten notes

Introduktion till Haskell

Introduction to the Haskell programming language for high school students.

Slides (Swedish)

Miscellaneous writeups

Concise statistical thermodynamics
A concise but complete introduction to statistical physics and thermodynamics. Work in progress.

Standard Model reference
Made for Christopher Thomas' Cambridge Part III Standard Model course.

Competitive programming cheatsheet

Derivation of the uncertainty relation in quantum mechanics

High school work

Evolution av artificiella neuronnät

Final project on evolution of artificial neural networks by natural selection.

Report (Swedish)

Sound generator using PIC16F628A

University course for high-school students: Basic Digital Theory with PIC-processor.