Elias Jarlebring

About me

I am an universitetslektor (associate professor with tenure) in the numerical analysis group of the department of mathematics, KTH, Stockholm. My research is focused on numerical analysis, numerical linear algebra and matrix computations. I work with applications from various fields such as systems and control, acoustics, electromagnetics, quantum mechanics and quantum chemistry.

Pictures of me: Photo 1, Photo 2.


Elias Jarlebring
KTH - Dept. Math, Numerical analysis group
Lindstedtsvägen 25, room 3553, floor 5
100 44 Stockholm

Tel.: +46 8 790 6694
Email: eliasj at kth dot se
Scientific microblog (twitter): @ejarlebring

Office hours: Thursdays 11-12



Teaching and supervision

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in doing a PhD in numerical linear algebra in my group.

See also teaching.

Master thesis projects (exjobb) for students at KTH are available. Contact me for further information.

Om du är student på KTH och intresserad av att göra ett examensarbete (exjobb eller kexjobb) kan du kontakta mig för ytterligare information.

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