Preconditioning for linear systems, G. Mele and E. Ringh and D. Ek and F. Izzo and P. Upadhyaya and E. Jarlebring, KD Publishing, 2020: order from amazon or visit web page

Short CV

Academic history

  • 2021-20XX - Full professor
  • 2013-2021 - Associate professor with tenure, KTH, Stockholm (docent and lektor)
  • 2011-2013 - Dahlquist research fellow, KTH, Stockholm
  • 2008-2011 - Post-doc, K.U. Leuven, Belgium
  • 2004-2008 - PhD, TU Braunschweig, Germany [Genealogy]
  • 2003-2004 - Computer Programmer, Stockholm
  • 1998-2003 - Master of science (teknisk fysik), KTH, Stockholm
  • 1998 - Forsmark computer science gymnasium

Awards and grants

  • 2019 - Project grant, Swedish research council
  • 2019 - Ruth och Nils-Erik Stenbäcks foundation, junior grant
  • 2014 - Göran Gustafsson Prize for junior researchers
  • 2014-2018 - Project grant for junior researchers, Swedish research council
  • 2013 - Göran Gustafsson Grant for research visitors
  • 2011 - Dahlquist research felllowship, KTH

Supervision / mentorship

Selected research interests

  • Numerical linear algebra [?]
    • Nonlinear eigenvalue problems
    • Multiparameter eigenvalue problems
    • Krylov methods
    • Arnoldi’s method
    • Inverse iteration
    • Newton-type methods
    • Iterative methods for graphs
    • Matrix equations
    • Matrix functions
    • Model reduction
    • Convergence of iterative methods
  • Computational solutions for systems and control
    • Computational methods for time-delay systems
    • Balancing and balanced truncation for time-delay systems
    • ℋ₂ norm
    • Eigenvalues for time-delay systems
    • Stability and stability margin
    • Optimization
    • Model reduction
  • Eigenproblems in quantum mechanics
    • Perturbation theory (ab initio)
    • Self-consistent field iteration
    • Schrödinger equation: Gross-Pitaevskii equation
    • Schrödinger equation: Kohn-Sham equation

Memberships, community and service

  • Editor of BIT Numerical mathematics
  • Editor of Linear and Multilinear algebra
  • Editor of NACO numerical algebra control and optimization
  • Editor of CALCOLO
  • Scientific organization committee - ILAS - international linear algebra society
  • International Programme Committee member IFAC TDS
  • SeRC Swedish e-Science Research Centre - numerical analysis community
  • SIAM
  • ILAS - International linear algebra society
  • GAMM Activity group numerical linear algebra
  • Nordic numerical linear algebra association
  • KTH Recruitment committee (science school): panel member
  • Swedish e-science graduate education (SeSE) - Director of studies (2015-2018)
  • NA-seminar series coordinator: seminars 2013-2016.
  • COST action European Model Reduction Network - swedish representative in management committee
  • Julialang and open source fan
  • Contributor to open source projects, e.g., core developer of NEP-PACK


  • Matrix Computations for Large-scale Systems: SF2524 (2014-2023,..)
  • Numerical algorithms for data science: SF2526 (2018-2022)
  • Numeriska metoder för CDATE (computer science): SF1547: 2017-2020
  • Preconditioning for linear systems of equations SF3584 (canvas page: here
  • Numeriska metoder för S: SF1514 (2014-2015)
  • Numerical linear algebra (PhD level course) (2014,2016,2018,2020,2022,...)
  • Director of studies of COSSE
  • Director of studies of graduate school SeSE
  • Director of studies of international master's programme COSSE (2021-20XX)
  • Track responsible for computational mathematics of the master's programme (2021-20XX)
  • Master's thesis coordinator of the numerical analysis group (2022,..)
  • Bachelor thesis coordinator of the numerical analysis group (2018-2022)


Preprints/PDFs that you can download from this page may differ from the printed journal version. See also online research databases: MathSciNet profile, KTH research database (DIVA), papers indexed on Zentralblatt, google scholar profile, scopus profile and ORCID.

Submitted manuscripts and technical reports not published elsewhere

  1. R. Vinuesa, J. Rabault, H. Azizpour, S. Bauer, B. W. Brunton, A. Elofsson, E. Jarlebring, H. Kjellstrom, S. Markidis, D. Marlevi, P. Cinnella, S. L. Brunton
    Opportunities for machine learning in scientific discovery
    submitted, 2024
  2. H. Gravenkamp, B. Plestenjak, D. A. Kiefer, E. Jarlebring
    Computation of leaky waves in layered structures coupled to unbounded media by exploiting multiparameter eigenvalue problems
    submitted, 2024
  3. E. Jarlebring and J. Sastre and J. Javier Ibáñez González
    Polynomial approximations for the matrix logarithm with computation graphs
    submitted, 2023
  4. P. Henning and E. Jarlebring
    The Gross-Pitaevskii equation and eigenvector nonlinearities: Numerical methods and algorithms
    available upon request, 2022
  5. P. Upadhyaya, E. Jarlebring, F. Tudisco
    The self-consistent field iteration for p-spectral clustering
    arxiv preprint, 2021
  6. E. Jarlebring, M. Bennedich, G. Mele, E. Ringh, P. Upadhyaya
    NEP-PACK: A Julia package for nonlinear eigenproblems
    arxiv preprint, 2018
    [preprint] [software

Journal Papers (published or accepted for publication)

  1. S. Correnty, E. Jarlebring, D. Szyld
    Preconditioned Chebyshev BiCG for parameterized linear systems
    Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA), 58:642--656, 2023
    [preprint] [paper
  2. S. Correnty, E. Jarlebring, K. M. Soodhalter
    Preconditioned infinite GMRES for parameterized linear systems
    SIAM J. Sci. Comput., accepted for publication:S120-S141, 2023
    [preprint] [paper] [software
  3. E. Jarlebring, M. Fasi, E. Ringh
    Computational graphs for matrix functions
    ACM Trans. Math. Software., 48:1--35, 2022
    [preprint] [paper] [software
  4. R. Claes, E. Jarlebring, K. Meerbergen, P. Upadhyaya
    Linearizability of eigenvector nonlinearities
    SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl., 43:764-786, 2022
    [preprint] [paper
  5. E. Jarlebring and S. Correnty
    Infinite GMRES for parameterized linear systems
    SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl., 43:1382--1405, 2022
    [preprint] [paper] [software
  6. E. Jarlebring and P. Upadhyaya
    Implicit algorithms for eigenvector nonlinearities
    Numerical algorithms, 90:301-321, 2022
    [preprint] [paper
  7. E. Ringh and E. Jarlebring
    Nonlinearizing two-parameter eigenvalue problems
    SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl., 42:775--799, 2021
    [preprint] [paper] [software
  8. P. Upadhyaya, E. Jarlebring, E. H. Rubensson
    A density matrix approach to the convergence of the self-consistent field iteration
    NACO Numerical Algebra Control Optimization., 11:99--115, 2021
    [preprint] [paper
  9. E. Jarlebring
    Broyden's method for nonlinear eigenproblems
    SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 41:A989--A1012, 2019
    [preprint] [paper] [software
  10. E. Jarlebring and F. Poloni
    Iterative methods for the delay Lyapunov equation with T-Sylvester preconditioning
    Appl. Numer. Math., 135:173-185, 2019
    [preprint] [paper] [software
  11. E. Jarlebring, G. Mele, D. Palitta, E. Ringh
    Krylov methods for low-rank commuting generalized Sylvester equations
    Numer. Linear Algebra Appl., 25(6), 2018
    [preprint] [paper] [software
  12. E. Ringh, G. Mele, J. Karlsson and E. Jarlebring
    Sylvester-based preconditioning for the waveguide eigenvalue problem
    Linear Algebra Appl., 542:441--463, 2018
    [preprint] [paper] [software
  13. G. Mele and E. Jarlebring
    On restarting the tensor infinite Arnoldi method
    BIT numerical mathematics, 58:133-162, 2018
    [preprint] [paper
  14. J. Araujo-Cabarcas, C. Engström and E. Jarlebring
    Efficient resonance computations for Helmholtz problems based on a Dirichlet-to-Neumann map
    J. Comput. Appl. Math., 330:177-192, 2018
    [preprint] [paper
  15. E. Jarlebring, A. Koskela, and G. Mele
    Disguised and new quasi-Newton methods for nonlinear eigenvalue problems
    Numer. Algorithms, 79:311-335, 2018
    [preprint] [paper] [software
  16. S. Gaaf and E. Jarlebring
    The infinite Bi-Lanczos method for nonlinear eigenvalue problems
    SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 39:S898-S919, 2017
    [preprint] [paper] [software
  17. E. Jarlebring, G. Mele, and O. Runborg
    The waveguide eigenvalue problem and the tensor infinite Arnoldi method
    SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 39:A1062-A1088, 2017
    [preprint] [paper] [software
  18. A. Koskela, E. Jarlebring and M.E. Hochstenbach
    Krylov approximation of ODEs with polynomial parameterization
    SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl., 37:519-538, 2016
    [preprint] [paper
  19. R. Van Beeumen, E. Jarlebring and W. Michiels
    A rank-exploiting infinite Arnoldi algorithm for nonlinear eigenvalue problems
    Numer. Linear Algebra Appl., 23(4):607-628, 2016
    [preprint] [paper] [software
  20. E. Jarlebring, S. Kvaal and W. Michiels
    An inverse iteration method for eigenvalue problems with eigenvector nonlinearities
    SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 36-4:A1978-A2001, 2014
    [preprint] [paper] [Zbl
  21. E. Jarlebring, K. Meerbergen and W. Michiels
    Computing a partial Schur factorization of nonlinear eigenvalue problems using the infinite Arnoldi method
    SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl., 35(2):411-436, 2014
    [preprint] [paper] [Zbl
  22. E. Jarlebring and S. Güttel
    A spatially adaptive iterative method for a class of nonlinear operator eigenvalue problems
    Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA), 41:21-41, 2014
    [preprint] [paper] [Zbl
  23. E. Jarlebring, T. Damm and W. Michiels
    Model reduction of time-delay systems using position balancing and delay Lyapunov equations
    Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems, 25(2):147-166, 2013
    [preprint] [paper] [Zbl
  24. E. Jarlebring, W. Michiels and K. Meerbergen
    A linear eigenvalue algorithm for the nonlinear eigenvalue problem
    Numerische Mathematik, 122(1):169-195, 2012
    [preprint] [paper] [Zbl
  25. M. Saadvandi, K. Meerbergen and E. Jarlebring
    On dominant poles and model reduction of second order time-delay systems
    Appl. Numer. Math., 62(1):21-34, 2012
    [preprint] [paper] [Zbl
  26. E. Jarlebring
    Convergence factors of Newton methods for nonlinear eigenvalue problems
    Linear Algebra Appl., 436:3943-3953, 2012
    [preprint] [paper] [Zbl
  27. W. Michiels, E. Jarlebring and K. Meerbergen
    Krylov-based model order reduction of time-delay systems
    SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl., 32(4):1399-1421, 2011
    [preprint] [paper] [Zbl
  28. E. Jarlebring and W. Michiels
    Analyzing the convergence factor of residual inverse iteration
    BIT numerical mathematics, 51(4):937-957, 2011
    [preprint] [paper] [Zbl
  29. E. Jarlebring, S. Kvaal and W. Michiels
    Computing all pairs (λ,μ) such that λ is a double eigenvalue of A+μB
    SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl., 32(3):902-927, 2011
    [preprint] [paper] [Zbl
  30. S. Kvaal, E. Jarlebring and W. Michiels
    Computing singularities of perturbation series
    Phys. Rev. A, 83:032505, 2011
    [preprint] [paper
  31. J. Vanbiervliet, W. Michiels and E. Jarlebring
    Using spectral discretization for the optimal ℋ₂ design of time-delay systems
    Int. J. Control, 84(2):228-241, 2011
    [preprint] [paper] [Zbl
  32. E. Jarlebring, J. Vanbiervliet and W. Michiels
    Characterizing and computing the ℋ₂ norm of time-delay systems by solving the delay Lyapunov equation
    IEEE Trans. Autom. Control, full paper, 56(4):814-825, 2011
    [preprint] [paper
  33. E. Jarlebring, K. Meerbergen and W. Michiels
    A Krylov method for the delay eigenvalue problem
    SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 32(6):3278-3300, 2010
    [preprint] [paper] [Zbl
  34. E. Jarlebring and W. Michiels
    Invariance properties in the root sensitivity of time-delay systems with double imaginary roots
    Automatica, 46:1112-1115, 2010
    [preprint] [paper] [Zbl
  35. E. Jarlebring and M.E. Hochstenbach
    Polynomial two-parameter eigenvalue problems and matrix pencil methods for stability of delay-differential equations
    Linear Algebra Appl., 431(3-4):369-380, 2009
    [preprint] [paper] [Zbl
  36. E. Jarlebring
    Critical delays and Polynomial Eigenvalue Problems
    J. Comput. Appl. Math., 224(1):296-306, 2009
    [preprint] [paper] [Zbl
  37. E. Jarlebring and T. Damm
    The Lambert W function and the spectrum of some multidimensional time-delay systems
    Automatica, 43(12):2124-2128, 2007
    [preprint] [paper] [Zbl
  38. E. Jarlebring and H. Voss
    Rational Krylov for Nonlinear Eigenproblems, an Iterative Projection Method
    Applications of Mathematics, 50(6):543-554, 2005
    [preprint] [paper] [Zbl


Chapters in books and edited volumes

  1. E. Jarlebring, W. Michiels, K. Meerbergen
    The infinite Arnoldi method and an application to time-delay systems with distributed delays
    In R. Sipahi, T. Vyhlidal, P. Pepe, S.-I. Niculescu, Eds., 'Time Delay Systems - Methods, Applications and New Trends', 2011
    [preprint] [paper

Conference proceedings

  1. A. Koskela, E. Jarlebring
    On a generalization of the Bessel function Neumann expansion
    European Conference on Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications, ENUMATH 2017, 126:205-214, 2019, See also long version
    [preprint] [paper
  2. W. Michiels, E. Jarlebring, K. Meerbergen
    A projection approach for model reduction of large-scale time-delay systems, with application to a boundary controlled PDE
    Proceedings of the 50th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and European Control Conference, Dec. 12-15, 2011
    [conference] [paper
  3. E. Jarlebring, J. Vanbiervliet and W. Michiels
    Explicit expressions for the ℋ₂ norm of time-delay systems based on the delay Lyapunov equation
    Proceedings of the 49th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2010, December 15-17, 2010
    [conference] [paper
  4. O. Rott and E. Jarlebring
    An iterative method for the multipliers of periodic delay-differential equations and the analysis of a PDE milling model
    Proceedings of the 9th IFAC Workshop on Time Delay Systems, Prague, 2010, June 7-9, 2010
    [conference] [preprint] [paper] [abstract
  5. E. Jarlebring, K. Meerbergen and W. Michiels
    An Arnoldi method with structured starting vectors for the delay eigenvalue problem
    Proceedings of the 9th IFAC Workshop on Time Delay Systems, Prague, 2010
    [conference] [preprint] [paper
  6. E. Jarlebring and W. Michiels
    Invariance properties in the root sensitivity of time-delay systems with double imaginary roots
    Proceedings of the 8th IFAC Workshop on Time-Delay Systems, Sinaia, 2009
    [conference] [preprint] [paper
  7. E. Jarlebring
    On Critical Delays for Linear Neutral Delay Systems
    Proceedings of the European Control Conference, 2007, 2-5 July 2007
    [conference] [preprint] [abstract
  8. E. Jarlebring
    Computing the Stability Region in Delay-space of a TDS using Polynomial Eigenproblems
    Proceedings of the 6th IFAC Workshop on Time-Delay Systems, 2006
    [conference] [preprint] [paper
  9. E. Jarlebring
    Computing Critical delays for time delay systems with multiple delays
    Reglermöte, Stockholm, 2006, May 30-31
    [conference] [preprint
  10. E. Jarlebring
    A quadratic eigenproblem in the analysis of a time delay system
    Proceedings of GAMM Annual Meeting, Berlin, 2006
    [conference] [preprint] [paper


  • E. Jarlebring
    The spectrum of delay-differential equations: numerical methods, stability and perturbation.
    PhD thesis, Inst. Comp. Math, TU Braunschweig, 2008
    [pdf] [bibtex] [Genealogy entry] [Zbl]

Other documents

  • E. Jarlebring, E. H. Rubensson
    On the condition number and perturbation of matrix functions for Hermitian matrices
    See also this note, 2012
  • E. Jarlebring
    Some Numerical Methods to Compute the Eigenvalues of a Time-Delay System Using Matlab
    The delay e-letter, issue 2, April 2008.
    [pdf] [e-letter]
  • E. Jarlebring
    Some Numerical Methods to Compute the Eigenvalues of a Time-Delay System Using Matlab
    The delay e-letter, issue 2, April 2008.
    [pdf] [e-letter]
  • E. Jarlebring
    Krylov methods for nonlinear eigenvalue problems
    Master's thesis, Royal Institute of Technology, 2003


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  • +46 8 790 6694
  • KTH - Dept. Math, Numerical analysis group, Lindstedtsvägen 25, room 3553, floor 5, 100 44 Stockholm, Sweden