FEP3301: Computational Game Theory

Tentative Course Schedule, P2 2015

Lecture DateTimeLocationTopics (Chapter in OR)Slides
L1 Monday, Oct 2810.15-12.00NSE,MV6Strategic games, pure NE (Ch.1,2)[pdf]
L2 Monday, Nov 410.15-12.00NSE,MV6Mixed NE, zero-sum games (Ch.1,2)[pdf]
L3 Thursday, Nov 710.15-12.00NSE,MV6IESDA, Computing equilibria, NE cardinality (Ch.3)[pdf]
L4 Tuesday, Nov 1210.15-12.00NSE,MV6 Robustness, Refinements of NE, Bayesian games (Ch.2)[pdf]
L5 Friday, Nov 1510.15-12.00NSE,MV6Potential and Supermodular games[pdf]
L6 Tuesday, Nov 1913.15-15.00NSE,MV6Learning to play equilibria[pdf]
L7 Thursday, Nov 2110.15-12.00NSE,MV6Extensive games with perf. inf., Repeated games, Stoch. games (Ch.6,8)[pdf]
L8 Monday, Nov 2510.30-12.15NSE,MV6Coalition games (Ch.13,14)[pdf]
L9 Tuesday, Dec 310.15-12.00Harry Nyqvist Coalition games (Ch.13,14)[pdf]
S1 Tuesday, Nov 1915.15-17.00NSE,MV6Student presentations (1-5)
S2 Tuesday, Dec 313.15-15.00NSE,MV6Student presentations (6-10)
L10 Thursday, Dec 510.15-12.00NSE,MV6 Impl. theory, Mechanism design (Ch.10)[pdf]