Pär Kurlberg


I am a professor at the department of mathematics at KTH. My main research interest is Number Theory related to Quantum Chaos. Abridged CV.




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Contact information

Office: room 3627, Mathematics, KTH
Email: My last name at math.kth.se. (Spam problems.)
Phone: +46 (0)8 790 6582
Fax:   +46 (0)8 723 1788

Mailing address:
Par Kurlberg
Department of Mathematics
SE-10044, Stockholm

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Misc computer notes

Information about the department compute servers.

How to get a list of students in your course (with email + pnr etc), and how to get names + pnr for "all" students that took an exam.

Hint and tips for KTH room booking via exchange.

Latex template for KTH math letters.

Some other KTH computer notes.

Secure shell

Some links

(Mostly to help google do the right.)

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