KTH Analysis Seminar, fall 2016

Past/future schedules.

Preliminary schedule

Date Host Speaker Title Remark
Sep 7 PK Per Sjölin Lp-estimates for singular oscillatory integral operators  
Sep 14 PK Jasmine Matz Distribution of Hecke eigenvalues for GL(n)  
Sep 21 PK Kevin Schnelli Tracy-Widom distribution for a general class of random matrices  
Sep 28 DD Disheng Xu Superrigidity in partially hyperbolic dynamical systems Starts at 12.30 (SMC coll.)
Oct 5 HH Alfonso Montes Rodríguez The eigenfunctions of the Hilbert matrix  
Oct 12 DD Zhiyuan Zhang On stable transitivity of finitely generated group of volume preserving diffeomorphisms  
Oct 19 MD Alex Moll TBA  
Oct 26 PK Karl-Theodor Sturm Heat flow on time-dependent metric measure spaces and super Ricci flows Starts at 12.30 (SMC coll.)
Nov 2 HH Andrew Bakan TBA  
Nov 9 JL Adrian Constantin The Hamiltonian structure of nonlinear equatorial wave-current interactions  
Nov 16 JL Hayk Aleksanyan Discrete Balayage and Boundary Sandpile  
Nov 23 JL Helge Holden On traffic modeling and the Braess paradox  
Nov 30 FV Georgios Rizell The nearby Lagrangian conjecture for the two-torus  
Dec 7   - - SMC coll.
Dec 14   Douglas Lundholm Recent rigorous studies of anyons and their number-theoretic aspects  

If you have suggestions for speakers, please contact one of the organizers:

  • John Andersson
  • Danijela Damjanovic
  • Maurice Duits
  • Pär Kurlberg
  • Jonathan Lenells
  • Fredrik Viklund