Some teaching related articles

What makes a good (math) teacher - interesting article in the Atlantic. (Ultra short summary: care, be happy, and be stubborn.) Surprising (!?) quote: "Meanwhile, a master’s degree in education seems to have no impact on classroom effectiveness. "

Student "Learning Styles" Theory Is Bunk

Some quotes:

The prediction is straightforward: Kids learn better when they are
taught in a way that matches their learning style than when they are
taught in a way that doesn’t.

That’s a straightforward prediction.

The data are straightforward too: It doesn’t work.
Suggesting that teachers cater to learning styles—when teachers must
already do some differentiation based on what students know—makes a
teacher’s job much more difficult with no benefit to students.

Yet teachers are still asked to do it.

Also see "Why Don't Students Like School?" by Daniel T. Willingham. WSJ review at How to Wake Up Slumbering Minds - will the discoveries of neuroscientists help us to think, learn and remember better?

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