KTH room booking documentation (via exchange)

ITA is retiring MRBS (the old booking system), and replacing it with "exchange". Below is some information/tips on how to use the new system.

Logging in

Using a web browser (this guide is written using google chrome), go to


and log in with your usual KTH user name and password.

Select Calendar

Click on "Calendar" in the blue bar at the top.

Make a booking

Select "Day" to get a daily calendar. Double click on a suitable time (say 4p), then set up the following:

  • "Event": fill in something descriptive.
  • "Duration": select length of booking. (But see tips below.)
  • "Add room": select the room you wish to use.
    • The first time you use the system, select "SCI Mötesrum". (You should only have to do this once.)
    • Note: only free rooms will be offered - you don't have to look for available ones.
    • The rooms of primary interest is "sci_math_3418", "sci_math_3721" etc, you might have to scroll down to see them. (I.e., after selecting "SCI Mötesrum".)
  • Click "Send". (Yes, yes, this makes no sense…)
  • To get confirmation:
    • You can find the room schedules on the web here: 3418 3721 3806 (you can get weekly/monthly summaries.)
    • Or you can wait for a confirmation email.

Some hints:

You can "click-drag" the time when you first select it from the daily calender to last (say) 2 hours. (This saves selecting "Duration" as described above.) It is also possible to double click on a day in the "week" or "month" view to start a booking, but then you need to set both starting time and duration.

To cancel a booking in a simpler way, right click on it and select "Cancel/Send the cancellation now".

To quickly spot free rooms, see this weekly summary. (Warning: unclear how often google updates it.)

To spot free rooms, you can find the schedules for the rooms at the links below. (Select "Week" for a more useful summary.)

  • 3418
  • f11
  • 3806
  • (3733: no seminars/meetings here for now.)
  • (3424: the room will disappear this summer.)

Remark: the rooms themselves have calendars, you can "add" them to your calender so that you can spot free times (see below) and get visual confirmation that your reservation was made. However, there are many caveats if you do this, so I recommend that you use the above links to scan for free rooms.

If you're already logged in, you can go directly to the calendar at:


Further documentation

More information and tips can be found in Michael Hanke's HOWTO.

There is also some official documentation.