Improbable, Adam Fewer

Every piece has its own function. Some are weak, others are strong. Some are good at the start of the game, and others are more valuable at the end. But you need to use them all to win. And, as in life, there's no score. You can be down ten pieces and still win the game. That's the beauty of chess – you can always come back. All you have to do to win is know everything that's happening on the board and figure out what the other guy is going to do before he does it.

Some Poems that I like

My Reading List on Writing

  • Paul J. Silvia – How to Write A Lot

  • William Zinsser – On Writing Well

  • Stephan King – On Writing

  • Strunk and White – The Elements of Style

  • Anne Lamott – Bird by Bird: Author of Traveling Mercies

  • Stanley Fish – How to Write a Sentence