L.048.27024/92039: Advanced Control Methods for Mechatronics

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Dr. Burak Demirel

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Summer 2016


Short description

This course focuses on advanced design for closed-loop linear control systems under model uncertainty and exogenous disturbances. In the course, both continuous- and discrete-time analysis and design techniques are treated. Topics include parametric robust control, optimal control, repetitive control and iterative learning algorithms. Mechatronic applications, including vehicle control systems, high-precision tracking systems, and atomic force microscope, will be considered. Students complement analytical treatment with exercises using MATLAB and Simulink.

Main course content

The following topics are considered:

  • Systematic design of SISO LTI controllers using frequency domain specifications

  • Parametric robust control design

  • Robust LQ control with loop transfer recovery

  • Control architectures with preview

  • Disturbance observer design

  • Repetitive control and learning algorithms

Intended audience

M.Sc. students in the area of applied mathematics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and robotics.


Schedule is available here and a summary of lectures is available here.


Teaching and learning methodology

  • The lectures will be mainly based on blackboard and slides, see lectures.

  • Tutorials with computer simulations are based on MATLAB and Simulink.

Learning outcomes and competences

After finishing the course, the attendants will

  • know the basics of parametric robust control,

  • know the fundamentals of robust optimal control,

  • know the basics of high precision control, and

  • know how to apply control algorithms to mechatronic systems.

The attendants will learn

  • to use systematic analysis and synthesis methods that can be applied to mechatronic applications,

  • precise methods based on abstractions that can be used to further independent learning.

Course textbooks

Own lecture notes (download).