Networked Systems Security Group



What we are after is to make current and upcoming networked systems trustworthy, shielding them and their users from attacks and abuse. Our research agenda includes a gamut of security and privacy problems, with emphasis on wireless and mobile systems. We have a strong systems character, implementing and evaluating our solutions. At the same time, we pay close attention to theoretical methods, including, notably, formal protocol analysis and information-theoretic results.


We are part of the School of Electrical Engineering at KTH and we are affiliated with the ACCESS and the ICES centers.


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Dec. 2015: Presentation at IEEE VNC
Dec. 2015: Seminar at Aalto Univ.
Nov. 2015: Presentation at ICES Security Conference
Nov. 2015: Presentation at IS-GNSS
Oct. 2015: Presentation @ iNetSec
Oct. 2015: 2nd CyberSecurity and Privacy Winter School at KTH: CySeP
Oct. 2015: Presentation @ NordSec
Sep. 2015: Presentation @ Univ. of Bologna
Sep. 2015: Presentation @ IEEE CNS
Sep. 2015: Seminar @ UPorto
Jun. 2015: Presentation at ICL-GNSS
Jun, 2015: Presentation @ ACM WiSec
Jun. 2015: Final event, PRESERVE; joint with C2C-CC SEC WG; @ KTH
May 2015: Seminar @ UTD, USA
Mar. 2015: Presentation @ Chalmers Workshop on Crypto & Coding
Mar. 2015: Presentation @ FOI Workshop on Localization
Mar. 2015: Participation @ Dagsthul Seminar on Secure Routing
Jan. 2015: Presentation @ PrivaSki
Dec. 2014: Presentation @ IEEE VNC
Oct. 2014: Seminar @ Lulea Univ.
Oct. 2014: Cybersecurity and Privacy event at KTH: CySeP
Oct. 2014: Keynote at IEEE/IFIP Nets4Cars




  • Connie Linell

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  • Tel: +46 8 790 4258
  • (on campus, dial 4258)
  • Fax: +46 8 790 8400

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    SE-100 44 Stockholm