CySeP Accepted Posters/Demos


  • Title:Quantitative Analysis of Socio-Technical Security Models - The TREsPASS project

Presenter: Rajesh Kumar



  • Title: Verifying a Security Hypervisor

Presenter: Hamed Nemati



  • Title: On the Privacy of Optimization Approaches

Presenter: Chathu Weeraddana

  • Title: Geographical Passwords

Presenter: Ziyad Al-Salloum



  • Title: Privacy-Aware Distributed Detection Design

Presenter: Zuxing Li



  • Title: Privacy Threat Modeling for Emerging BiobankClouds

Presenter: Ali Gholami



  • Title: ISE: ITS Security

Presenter: Pierpaolo Cincilla



  • Title: CASTOR++

Presenter: Syed Muhammad Zubair



  • Title: Deploying a Vehicular Credential Management System: Challenges Ahead

Presenter: Mohammad Khodaei



  • Title: Attacking GNSS Based Positioning

Presenter: Kewei Zhang



  • Title: Secure and Privacy Enhancing Location Based Services

Presenter: Hongyu Jin




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  • CySeP dates:
    October 27 - 31, 2014

    Registration deadline:
    October 24, 2014


    Poster/demo deadline:

    October 20, 2014


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