Diane Holcomb

Department of Mathematics
Lindstedtsvägen 25
100 44 Stockholm
Email: holcomb@a where a= kth.se

Research Interests

My work is in probability theory with a particular interest in random matrices. For a list of papers click here.

About Me

I am a researcher at KTH in Stockholm Sweden supported by a starting grant from the Swedish research council (VR). I am a member of the group working on "random matrices, stochastic models and analysis." More information on this group can be found here.  Formerly I was a postdoc at KTH and before that a Richard Pierce Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Arizona. I completed my Ph.D. at University of Wisconsin-Madison under the supervision of Benedek Valkó in 2014. For more about me see my CV or get in touch.

For more information about either my teaching or my research please get in touch.

SF1673 Envariabelanalys höstterm 2019

Material for this course can be found on canvas.

Postdoc Day Notes: Information for new arrivals in Stockholm

For a list of what we discussed please click here.

Short Course: Random Matrices via Differential Operators (Nov 22 - Dec 12, 2017)

Lecture notes posted here.

Teaching Fall 2016 - Math 563: Graduate Probability

All resources and information are available on the class piazza page

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