Notes from Postdoc Day:
These notes are in really rough form. I will try to come back, add website links, etc.

Housing Resources: (in swedish)
    Can post an add looking for housing (mention that you work for KTH)
Bostad Direkt
Talk to people
"Snabb Bostad"
Several house owners (companies) (bostad i stockholm hyresård)

Process to get a bank account:
Personnummer -> ID card -> bank account
American checks -> try and avoid it! Talk to someone with an American account

Assuming you have an ID card before you get your bank account you should sign up for Bank ID
Bank ID:
    - Get a tax ID card
    - Mobile bank ID
    - Swish

If you completed your PhD at least one year before coming to Sweden you should apply
for the tax exemption for highly qualified personel. Past experience suggests that you
won't get the exemption if you are less than 1 year out from PhD. If you are more than
one year out you should need only your CV and employment contract.

Learning Swedish:
One course for postdocs is paid by KTH
    KTH courses are fast, 9-10 chapters in 10 weeks. 2 hours twice a week
Folk universitetet
    courses slower 3 chapters in 5 weeks. 2 hours twice a week
SFI through municipality, (Svenska för invandrare)
    change location if you don't like the clasee mixed levels in course,
    no fixed start/end times
Watch/Listen to:, radio sweden,,
    Duolingo / tinycards (app)
    Babble (app)

KTH relocation:
    monthly orientation (November 1, brunevägen 4:30)
    Monthly events (email list):
        AW Nature Walks Field trips
        Tax office (February)
        Career seminars (January)
        Bostaddirekt (looking for housing tips, November)

Jobs in Europe/Germany:
    check university websites
    European Mathematical Society German Academic Exchange Service

Anders Forsgren Jobs in Sweden:
    Recruitment process: Planning and initialization -> Decision on establishment -> Announcement -> Review by external experts -> Recruitment Board -> Decision
    Who appoints the committee of experts? Formally the faculty board In practice the group from the department

Coping with Winter:
    Vitamin D (October - March)
    Sun lamp

    SL card
     - Can get a card through KTH
     - Register online

Swedish Phone Number :
    - Get a prepaid (either monthly plan or pay as you go)
    - If you want to get a phone sign up for a contract
    - Webhallen (Can try a phone for up to 60 days)

Healthcare: (can sign up for appointments at some clinics, can check what information they have on you) c
    Non-emergency care and advice: call 1177
    Emergency (112)

Dental: Försäkringskassan (EU healthcare card)

    Work travel insurance card from KTH (talk to AnnBritt)
    Travel request (even if somebody else is paying) on KTH Res

Non-EU driving license (not good for more than a year here)

Home/umbrella Insurance:
     Covers: - Home - Travel - Accident - electronic (sometimes)
    Companies (If, Länsförsäkingar, Folksam)

SL resa garanti (if you are more than xx late they will reimburse a cab)

Gym memberships:
     - KTH för mig
     - Can get reimbursed (must have name and personal number on receipt)