Professor Hannu Tenhunen

Royal Institute of Technology,

School of Information and Communication Technology,

Department of Electronic Systems



Hannu Tenhunen

Professor at KTH-ICT-ES


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Isafjordsgatan 26, 3rd floor, Lift B 

Office:+46 8 790 41 19

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Electrum 229 
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Prof. Tenhunen resesearch activities and program development experience span in wide range of research interests. He has been principal investigator of several research projects. He holds 9 international patents granted in multiple countries.

Research Interests:

       Interconnect centric and robust/interference free design of electronic systems, architectures and methods

       Design of embedded and integrated systems towards signal processing, communication, and internet-of-things applications

       Flexible electronic systems and intelligent integration to paper and pulp based substrates and packages

       3D integration technologies and modelling & design of 3D circuits and systems using through-silicon-via (TSV)

       VLSI applications in personal communication and fundamental design constraints and future paradigms necessary to harvest the technology potential

       Platform based design methods and architectures based network-on-chip architectures

       Embedded dependable systems based on agent controlled autonomic systemic architectures (HW/SW)

       VLSI Design and Circuits, especially towards DSP

       IC Mixed Signal Circuits and Systems including sigma-delta A/D and D/A

       Integrated Heterogeneous Sensible Systems

       Technology policies and educational strategies in area of rapidly evolving ICT technology.

Open Positions to Researchers Top

Prof. Tenhunen is continuously recruiting qualified thesis students, junior and senior researchers for current and upcoming research projects. If interested, please email complete CV, statement of purpose, and detailed research topics.

       Master Thesis

       PhD Researcher

       Post-doc Positions

       Senior Researchers

Research Projects Top

       EU-FP7 - ELITE Extended Large (3-D) Integration Technology (2007-2011)

       SSF-SIDA - Communication Platform Architectures for Gigascale Integration(2004-2008)

       Vinnova - iPack VINN Excellence Center Intelligent Packaging (2007 2017)

       SSF - Concurrent packaging and VLSI design for high-frequency circuits and systems(2001-)

       VR Wireless@KTH - Ultra-low energy, ultra-wideband radio architecture(2005-2007)

       SSF- RaMSiS - Radio and mixed-signal circuits and systems for convergent wireless access, (2002-2008)

       Socware - Interconnect-centric System-on-Chip design for Network-on-Chip (2001-2006)

       List of all previous research projects are found in CV section.

Patents Top

       T. Lazraq, P. Bergstedt, H. Tenhunen, and M. Mikhtari. Atm switch core, 1997. Granted patent US6091728. Patent number in other countries: AU5784896, CA2220514, EP0826293, JP11505089T, SE504985, SE9501720, WO9636196.

       T. Ritoniemi, T. Karema, and H. Tenhunen. Cascaded Nth order (N>2) feedforward sigma-delta modulators, 1997. Granted patent US5629701. Patent number in other countries: DE69314939D, DE69314939T, EP0624290, FI90296B, FI90296C, FI920378, JP3113277B2, JP7503346T, WO9315557.

       M. Renfors, Y. Neuvo, J. Makinen, H. Tenhunen, and J. Rapeli. Noise elimination method, 1994. Granted patent US5285165.

       T. Karema, H. Tenhunen, and T. Ritoniemi. Sigma-delta modulator for a D/A converter with pseudorandom jitter signal insertion, 1993. Granted patent US5191331. Patent number in other countries: DE69212337D, DE69212337T, FI88980B, FI88980C, FI910116, JP3130105B2, JP4317224.

       T. Karema, H. Tenhunen, and T. Ritoniemi. Delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter with overload dependent modulator order, 1993. Granted patent US5191331. Patent number in other countries: DE69214996D, DE69214996T, FI88765B, FI88765C, FI911694, JP3142946B2, JP5110442.

       T. Karema, T. Ritoniemi, and H. Tenhunen. System and method of scaling error signals of caseload second order modulators, 1991. Granted patent US5061928. Patent number in other countries: CA2002359, DE368610T, DE68915700D, DE68915700T, ES2064459T, FI80548B, FI80548C.

       T. Karema, H. Tenhunen, and T. Ritonieme. A method of cascading two or more sigma-delta modulators and a sigma-delta modulator system, 1990. Granted patent EP0368610. Patent number in other countries: CA2002359, DE368610T, DE68915700D, DE68915700T, ES2064459T, FI80548B, FI80548C.

       P. Solanti, H. Tenhunen, and E. Kiiskinen. Digitally controlled contactor and method for controlling a contactor, 1990. Granted patent EP0402455. Patent number in other countries: AU4816890, FI81217B, FI81925B, FI81925C, WO9007787.

       P. Solanti, J. Suutari, E. Kiiskinen, M. Siikonen, and H. Tenhunen. Apparatus and method for measuring electric current in conditions of high interference, 1990. Granted patent EP0464076. Patent number in other countries: AU5282090, DE69009053D, DE69009053T, FI87117B, FI87117C, FI89479