Professor Hannu Tenhunen

Royal Institute of Technology,

School of Information and Communication Technology,

Department of Electronic Systems



Hannu Tenhunen

Professor at KTH-ICT-ES


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Isafjordsgatan 26, 3rd floor, Lift B 

Office:+46 8 790 41 19

Fax: +46 8 751 17 93


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Prof. Tenhunen was actively involved in the establishment of International Masters Programmes at KTH and has given lectures in over 30 different courses at graduate and post-graduate levels. He has supervised over 40 PhD and Post-doc researchers within his research area.

International Master’s Programs at ES:

·        Master's programme in System-on-Chip Design

·        Master's programme in Embedded Systems

Courses                                                        Top

·        Nanoelectronic systems

·       Electrical Design of Digital Systems

·       Digital Circuit Techniques for deep submicron CMOS

·       Digital Hardware Organization

·       Embedded Systems in SoC

·       High Speed CMOS design

·       Digital System Engineering

·       LSI Design

·       VLSI Design

·       Mixed Signal System Design

·       Physical Architecture of VLSI/ULSI Systems

·       A/D and D/A conversion techniques

·       Low Power IC Design Sigma-Delta A/D converters

·       Low Power Electronic System Design

·       Practical Packaging Technologies for Electronic System Design

·       High Speed Digital System Design

·       VLSI for Digital Signal Processing

·       VLSI Processor Architecture and Design

·       Structured VLSI System Design

·       Digital Equipment Design

·       Computer and Processor Architecture

·       Electronics Laboratory Works and Special Projects

·       Analog Circuit Design on Silicon

·       Analog and Digital Electronic Circuit Structures and Design

·       Commercial Electronic Components and Circuits

·       CAD/CAE Methods in Analog Electronics

·       Integrated Circuits

·       VLSI Design

·       Discrete Components and Semiconductor Devices

·       Theoretical Computer Science (teaching assistant)

·       Computability Theory (teaching assistant)

·       Quantum Physics (for EE students)

·       Semiconductor Physics (for EE students)

Current PhD Students Under Supervision               Top

·       Awet Yemane Weldezion, Research topic: Heterogeneous 3DNOC

·       Syed Mohammad Asad Hassan Jafri, Research topic: Runtime Resource Management in Many-core Architecture

Past PhD Graduates Under Supervision                  Top

·       Jouni Isoaho,  "DSP System Development and Optimization with FPGAs", 1994, Professor, University of Turku

·       Jari Nurmi, "Application Specific Digital Signal Processors: Architecture and Transferable Layout Design", 1994, Professor, Tampere University of Technology

·       Teppo Karema, "Oversampling A/D and D/A Converters Using One-Bit Sigma-Delta Modulation Techniques", 1994, Director of Technology (CTO), VLSI Solutions Inc

·       Tawfiq Lazraq, "Design Techniques and Structures for ATM Switches", 1995, senior expert, Ericsson AB

·       Bengt Jonsson, "Switched-Current Circuits: From Building Blocks to Mixed Analog-Digital Systems", 1999, senior expert, Ericsson AB

·       Bengt Oelmann, "Asynchronous and Mixed Synchronous/Asynchronous Design Techniques for Low Power", 2000, Professor, Mitthögskolan, Sundsvall, Sweden

·       Henrik Olson, "Algorithm-to-Architecture Refinement for Digital baseband Radio Receiver" 2000, technical expert, Ericsson AB

·       Peeter Ellervee, "High-Level Synthesis of Control and Memory Intensive Applications", 2000,  professor, Tallinn Technical University

·       Matias O’Nils, "Specification, synthesis and validation of HW/SW interfaces", 1999, Professor, Mitthögskolan (Sunsvall).

·       Kalle Tammemäe, 1999 (joint student with TTU, defence in TTU), rector (president) IT-College, and adjuct professor at Tallinn Technical University, Tallinn, Estonia. Currently vice-president of Tallinn Technical University.

·       Yonghong Gao, "Architecture and Implementation of Comb Filters and Digital Modulators for Oversampling A/D and D/A Converters", 2001, managing director, ZTE Communication, Kista

·       Li-Rong Zheng, "Design and Analysis and Integration of Mixed-Signal Systems for Signal and Power Integrity" 2001, professor, KTH, Dean at fudan University, Shanghai

·       Imed ben Dahou, "Low Power Design Techniques for Deep Submicron technology with Application to Wireless Transceiver Design", 2002, Associate Professor in Saudi-Arabia,

·       Andreas Gothenberg, "Analysis and Design of Low Oversampling Sigma-Delta Modulators for RF Front-Ends", 2002. Managing director of STINT, Swedish foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education.

·       Li Li, "Noise analysis for RF mixers", 2004. Associate professor, Harbin University, China, currently senior engineer Catena Wireless AB

·       Li Bingxin, "Design of sigma-delta modulators for wireless receivers", 2003, post-doctoral fellow, Tokyo University, Japan. Currently at Hi Silicon (Huawei) AB, Kista, Sweden

·       Dinesh Pamunuwa, "Modelling and Analysis of Interconnects for Deep Submicron System-on-Chip", 2003, Senior Lecture (associate professor), University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. senior reader at University of Lancester, UK and currently Senior Reader at University of Bristol, 2013

·       Steffen Albrecht, "Sigma-Delta Techniques for Multi-Band Multi-Standard Radio", 2005. Strategy Director, Philips Lightning, Shanghai

·       Xinzhong Duo, "System-on-Package Solutions for Multi-Band Multi-Standrd Radio", 2005. Technical manager, Semiconductor Manufacture Internation Corp (SMIC),  Shanghai

·       Meigen Shen, "Concurrent Chip-Package Design for Radio and Mixed-Signal Systems", 2005.  Xanadu Wireless Corp, Netherlands. Currently director of Fudan Innovation Center at Wuxi, China

·       Maxim Teslenko, "All around Logic Synthesis", 2008, senior expert Ericsson AB

·       Adam Strak, "Timing Uncertainty in Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converters", 2006, Infineon Semiconductors

·       Roshan Weerasekera, "System Interconnection design trade-offs in 3-D integrated circuits", 2008, Senior Scientist at A-STAR, Singapore, 2013

·       Majid  Baghaei-Nejad, “Impulse radio  ultrawideband for wireless sensing and identification”, 2008, Associate Professor, Dean, Sabzevar University, Iran

·       Ethiopia Nigussie, "Exploration and Design of High-Performance Variation Tolerant On-Chip Interconnects", 2010, University teacher, University of Turku

·       Sampo Tuuna, "Modeling and Analysis of Noise and Interconnects for On-Chip Communication Link Design", 2011

·       Masoud Daneshtab, "Exploring Adaptive Implementations of On-Chip Networks", 2011. Post-doc at University of Turku

·       Zou Zhuo, "Impulse Radio UWB for the Internet-of-Things – A Study on UHF/UWB Hybrid Solution", 2012. Senior researcher at KTH

·       Thomas Canhao Xu. "Hardware/Software Co-Design for Multicore Architectures", September 2012. Post-doc at UTU

·       Amir Rahmani, "Exploration and Design of Power-Efficient Networked Many-Core Systems", 2012.

·       Liang Guang, "Hierarchical Agent-based Adaptation for Self-Aware Embedded Computing Systems", 2012.

·       Alexander Wei Yin, "On Energy Efficient Computing Platforms", 2012.

·       Geng Yang, Biomedical Electronics for Wearable Healthcare Devices", 2013

·       Waqar Ahmad, “Core Switching Noise for On-Chip 3D Power Distribution Networks", 2013

·       Yasar Amar, "Printed Antennas for Ubiquitous Sensors", 2013

·       Liang Rong, "All Digital Polar Transmitter Design for Software Defined Radio Architecture and Low Power Circuit Implementations", 2013

·       Moazzam Fareed Niazi, "Modeling and Verification for Platform-Based Design", 2013

·       Khalid Latif, "Design Methodology for Scalable and Application independent MPSoC platforms", 2013

·       Masoumeh Ebrahimi, "Adaptive Routing Approaches for Networked Many-Core Systems", 2013


Post-docs starting in my laboratory after their PhD and who have reached docent or professor level positions:            Top

·       Prof.  Doc. Ahmed Hemani (KTH),

·       Prof. Doc. Elena Dubrova (KTH),

·       Prof. Doc. Axel Jantsch (KTH),

·       Prof.Doc. Ana Rusu (KTH),

·       Prof. Doc. Li-Rong Zheng (Dean at Fudan University),

·       Prof. Adam Postula (Univ. of Brisbane),

·       Doc. Assoc.Prof. Juha Plosila (UTU),

·       Doc. Adj.Prof Tiberiu Seceleanu (Principal Scientist, ABB Corporate Research and Mälärdalen Högskolan).

·       Doc. Ass.Prof. Pasi Liljeberg (UTU),

·       Prof. Sashi Kumar (Jonköping University)