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Lars Holst

Professor emeritus

Professor emeritus of Mathematical statistics since 1st of November 2007

You find me in the Mathematics Department, room 3444 Lindstedtsvägen 13. Map.
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Professor of Mathematical statistics at the Royal Institute of Technology 1989-2007
Senior Lecturer at Uppsala University 1971-1988
Dissertation for filosofie doktorsgrad and was made Docent at Uppsala University 1972
Studied at Lund University 1962-1970
Born in Helsingborg and graduated from high school in 1961

My research has mainly been in Probability theory including applications.

Some keywords: Conditional limit theorems, central limit theorems, sampling, occupancy problems, coupon collecting problems, birthday problems, urnmodels, combinatorial probability, spacings, circle coverage, geometric probability, embedding in birth processes, Poisson processes, coupling, Poisson approximation, Stein-Chen method, extreme values, move-to-front rule, stochastic models for nucleation and growth, stable distributions, functionals of Brownian motion, Poisson-Dirichlet and related distributions, records.

Scientific works

Besides the ordinary work as a teacher and researcher in Mathematical Statistics at KTH I have been involved in the management of KTH:

Mathematical statistics Home page
Mathematical statistics faculty

Lars Holst
Department of Mathematics
Royal Institute of Technology

Telephone: Int +46 18 324877


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