Numerical linear algebra

Numerical linear algebra SF3580 - PhD level course

This course will be offered during period 2-3 every second year, every even year, 2018,2020,...


This course is primarily intended for (but not restricted to) PhD students in the graduate program Applied and Computational Mathematics at KTH. PhD students in other programmes with a sufficient interest in mathematics and computation are also welcome.


Elias Jarlebring

Course contents

The contents of the course SF2524 is a subset of the contents of this course. In addition to the material in SF2524, the course will involve

Further information will be provided at a later stage.


This is a pass/fail course. Course requirements:


The lectures of SF2524 is a subset of the lectures in this course, including the first lecture. Note that the time of the first lecture was rescheduled some time ago. See schedule of SF2524.

Further lectures and exercises: The additional lectures will take place in Dec-Jan 2018. Further information t.b.a.

The course will involve an individual project, which should be presented in February 2018 (preliminarily).


The literature of SF2524 is a subset of the literature in this course. We will additionally use some chapters from the books: and


The topic of the project should connect with a specific technique or method of the course. Examples (references available):