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Co4Robots: H2020 EU project titled “Achieving Complex Collaborative Missions via Decentralized Control and Coordination of Interacting Robots”. The goal is to build a systematic real-time decentralized methodology to accomplish complex mission specifications given to a team of potentially heterogeneous robots; a set of control schemes appropriate for the mobility and manipulation capabilities of the considered robotic platforms, their types and dynamics, the unexpected and sudden changes in the environment, as well as the presence of humans; a set of perceptual capabilities that enable robots to localize themselves and estimate the state of their highly dynamic environment, in the presence of strong interactions and in a collaborative manner, and their corresponding systematic integration at both the conceptual and the software implementation levels.

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RECONFIG: FP7-ICT9 project titled ‘‘Cognitive, Decentralized Coordination of Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Systems Via Reconfigurable Task Planning". It proposes a reconfigurable and adaptive decentralized coordination framework for heterogeneous multiple & multi-DOF robot systems. Agent coordination is held via two types of information exchange: (i) at an implicit level, e.g., when robots are in contact with each other and can sense the contact, and (ii) at an explicit level, using symbols grounded to each embodiment, e.g, when one robot notifies one other about the existence of an object of interest in its vicinity.

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AEROWORKS considers robotic teams of multiple heterogeneous “collaborative Aerial Robotic Workers”, a new class of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles equipped with dexterous manipulators, novel physical interaction and co-manipulation control strategies, perception systems, and planning intelligence. This new generation of worker-robots will be capable of autonomously executing infrastructure inspection and maintenance works. The AEROWORKS multi-robot team will operate in a decentralized fashion, and will be characterized by unprecedented levels of reconfigurability, mission dependability, mapping fidelity, and manipulation dexterity, integrated in robust and reliable systems that are rapidly deployable and ready-to-use as an integral part of infrastructure service operations.

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ERC Starting Grant BUCOPHSYS: titled ‘‘Bottom-Up Hybrid Control and Planning Synthesis with Application to Multi-Robot Multi-Human Coordination". Current control applications necessitate the treatment of systems with multiple interconnected components, rather than the traditional single component paradigm that has been studied extensively. The individual subsystems may need to fulfil different and possibly conflicting specifications in a real-time manner. At the same time, they may need to fulfill coupled constraints that are defined as relations between their states. Towards this end, the need for methods for decentralized control at the continuous level and planning at the task level becomes apparent. We aim here towards unification of these two complementary approaches.

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The goal is to develop a system that allows robots and other agents to consider their surroundings when making decisions and to cooperate with humans. Unlike in previous research, this system should be decentralized and asynchronous where each agent is an individual agent that takes its own decisions.