Carlo Fischione 

Associate Professor


email: carlofi at kth dot se






January 2017: Keynote Speaker at IEEE CAMAD 2017.


January 2017: Invited Tutorial on “Challenges and Solutions for Networking in the Millimeter-wave Band” (part 1) and (part 2) at IEEE ICC 2017 with Prof. Joerg Widmer (also at IEEE GLOBECOM 16, IEEE ICT 16, IEEE EW 16).


November 2016: Panel speaker onInternet of Thingsat Stockholm Start Up Grind, with M. Willers and D. Lygonis. See the video here.


November 2016: Keynote Speaker on “Internet of Things in Smart Cities”, Nordic Smart City Conference. See the video from IET TV here.


August 2016: the PhD and Master course “Principles of Wireless Sensor Networks” starts on August 29.


April 2016: Invited PhD course on “Modeling, Analysis and Design of Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks with Prof. Alessandro D’Innocenzo, European Embedded Control Institute, Technical University of Berlin. Register here.



January 2015: 2015 on Sabbatical at MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Prof. Eytan Modiano, LIDS, and at Harvard University, School of Applied Sciences and Engineering, with Prof. Vahid Tarokh, Cambridge, MA, USA.


June 2014:  Best Paper Award of the IEEE Sweden VT-COM-IT Chapter for the paper Effect of Rayleigh-Lognormal Fading on IEEE 802.15.4 Networks”, P. Di Marco, C. Fischione, F. Santucci, K. H. Johansson.


January 2014: Network Optimization PhD course starts on January 23rd: Check here.



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