New web page

So here it is, my new web page. Overdue, as I noticed that about half of the links of my old web page were dead…

This new one is built using Hugo, a static website generator.

Let’s see how this fans out, but up till now, I’m very pleased – you write your content in markdown (basically plain text), import a (modifiable) theme (this one uses the Academic Theme), run an executable and it produces the whole web site with all menus and navigation and so on. And it does not require any server-side script support such as PHP, perl, or even javascript, so it’ll work from everywhere. The only drawback I have noticed so far is that you do need to dig into the documentation quite a bit if you want to modify a theme, as I did. Also, there’s always the question rof whether it’ll still be developed or supported in 5 years. But at least it’s open source and free, so there’s some hope.