Beyond p-compact groups II

Workshop on the ramifications of p-compact group theory and unstable chromatic homotopy, VU University Amsterdam, March 27-April 1, 2010

Organizer: Tilman Bauer


  • Tilman Bauer (Amsterdam)
  • Martin Bendersky (CUNY). Mar 29-Apr 2
  • Carles Broto (Barcelona). Mar 26-Apr 3
  • Natàlia Castellana (Barcelona). Mar 26-Apr 3
  • Jesper Grodal (Copenhagen). Mar 28-Apr 2
  • Dietrich Notbohm (Amsterdam)
  • Jérôme Scherer (Lausanne). Mar 25-Apr 6

All talks will be in the W&N building, C-616.

  • Saturday 3/27, 10.00: Jérôme Scherer: On Dehon and Lannes’s work maps out of classifying space of tori
    This is the first in a series of three talks where we want to study their paper and a preprint by Dehon.
  • Saturday 3/27, 14.00: Carles Broto: What I know about p-local compact groups
  • Monday 3/29, 10.00: Jesper Grodal or Dietrich Notbohm: On Dehon’s work about complex cobordism and maps out of classifying spaces
    Second in the series
  • Tuesday 3/30, 10.00: Tilman Bauer, Unstable K(n)-modules
  • Tuesday 3/30, 11.30: Martin Bendersky, The unstable chromatic spectral sequence
    Abstract: The (stable) chromatic spectral sequence has had a significant impact on our understanding of the stable homotopy groups of the spheres. I will talk about preliminary attempts to construct an unstable version. I will try to describe a filtration of the stable chromatic spectral sequence induced by the Hopf rings for the odd spheres. There are natural questions that arise in the unstable world (e.g. an unstable version of the Morava stabilizer algebra) and a chromatic interpretation of the Hopf invariant.
  • Wednesday 3/31, 10.00: Dietrich Notbohm or Jesper Grodal: On Dehon’s work about complex cobordism and maps out of classifying spaces
    Third and last in the series
  • Thursday 4/1, 10.00: Natàlia Castellana: H-spaces and Morava K-theory