Sofie Ahlberg

PhD student, Division of Decision and Control Systems, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, KTH Royal Institute of Technology


Current Work

I am currently a PhD student, supervisied by Professor Dimos V. Dimarogonas at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Here, I am part of the research group working on the projects BUCOPHSYS and COIN. Furthermore, I am affiliated to WASP. My paper contributions can be found under Academic Achievements and Publications. My research interests include: multi-agent sytems, formal methods, control synthesis, temporal logic, human-in-the-loop, least violating control and mixed-initiate control.


I began my studies at KTH in 2011 when I started the Civil Engineer Programme Engineering Physics. In 2014 I finished my bachelor with the thesis "Brain Activity and Healtcare in the Smart Home". I then began my master in System Control and Robotics which I finished in 2016 with the thesis "Automatic Control Design Synthesis under Metric Interval Temporal Logic Specifications". I started my PhD studies in July 2016.