Course Project Supervisor Design Project "Characterizing DRRA"
2011 in Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden
Created design project proposal and supervised a group of four students

Lab Assistant Digital Design Using HDL
2010 in Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden
Supervised 80 students with 5 VHDL labs

Lab Assistant Embedded System
2008, 2009 in Jönköping University (HJ), Jönköping, Sweden
Created lab material for master level course Embedded System
Lectured PIC assembly language seminar

Master's Thesis Project Supervisor
2013 Fangyuan Liu
Wireless Communication Library for SYLVA
2011 Guo Chen
Implementation of WCDMA Multi-Finger Correlation Pool in Dynamically Reconfigurable Resource Array
2010 Yanxin Liu
Porting 8-bit Controller 8051 to Altera and A Simple Embedded Operating System for the Controller as a Building Block for a NoC System
2010 Xiaoli Ruan
Comparison of Implementing FFT, Viterbi and FIR Algorithms in Software, DRRA, FPGA and ASIC Styles for Energy and Performance