Cybersecurity and Privacy (CySeP) Winter School


20-23 October 2015




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About CySeP


We adopt new information and communication technologies and embrace fast new applications in cyberspace. The so-called Data Economy is blooming, creating new jobs and influencing our lives profoundly. Business opportunities are great but the wide acceptance of new digital technologies and services requires both simplicity and trustworthiness. Especially because the news report all sorts of incidents: personal devices hacked, credit card numbers stolen, companies blackmailed, mobile phones illegally tapped, power generation facilities intruded, sensitive information ‘phished’ - to name a few. Simply put, we do get more efficient and productive but these new systems open new paths for abuse and misbehavior. Actually, in many cases, it is no longer necessary to be an information technology expert to perpetrate an attack in cyberspace. At the same time, uncontrolled and massive user/citizen profiling by online service providers and abuse of surveillance practices by government agencies are a great privacy threat.

There has been increased awareness about security and privacy breaches and extensive efforts in academia and industry to address these challenges. In fact, cyber-security and privacy have been considered for some time now as ‘hot’ topics – lots of interest, lots of investment and specialized courses and degrees. It is now understood that new solutions cannot be rolled out unless they are properly secured and they ensure users’ privacy. We also have a rich trove of algorithms, tools, and systems to fight against attackers; along with an impressive congregation of devoted and highly capable expert individuals and organizations.

A co-organizer and co-sponsor of CySeP 2015, the Action Line on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST AL) of the EIT Digital (ex EIT ICT Labs), with its innovation, education and business activities, aims at creating a safer environment in cyberspace that can sustain further growth of the Data Economy. In addition to the traditional reactive approach to counteract cyber attacks, the PST AL fosters a proactive approach deploying trustworthy and transparent innovative technologies bridging the gaps between available techniques and practice and promotes the security-by-design and privacy-by-design paradigms.

What is CySeP about?

In spite all the progress made, how close are we to feeling safe in cyberspace? How well do we do in addressing real-world security and privacy (S&P) problems? Or, to put it slightly differently, how could we best address them?  Given the extensive S&P research and teaching endeavors, do we deploy our best S&P solutions in systems we roll out and rely upon? What are the obstacles? How to further improve education and professional training in this area? Do we reach out to non-experts to make their lives easier when it comes to adopting S&P measures? How to stimulate and integrate customer experiences? These are questions that motivate this Cyber Security and Privacy (CySeP) Winter School. For that purpose, we set up three and a half days of seminars, tutorials, discussions, and posters/demos sessions, including the presentation of the PST AL innovation activities. 

Why attend CySeP?

We will reflect and elaborate on how to best go from research and teaching to solving real-world problems. Prominent experts from academia and industry will address a set of diverse topics, present their own rich experiences, offer their wisdom, and provide focused state-of-the-art knowledge on key S&P technologies. The poster/demo session will showcase latest achievements and proposals for addressing important S&P challenges. Discussions will allow you to debate and present your own ideas and experiences.

Each attendee will receive an attendance certificate, attesting to the fact that she/he actively participated. Each student attendee (undergraduate or graduate) can receive 3.5 credits.

In addition, a welcome reception and dinner for everyone!

Who should attend CySeP?

Anyone with (i) an interest or need to learn more about solving real-world security and privacy problems and (ii) at least a basic understanding of S&P concepts and mechanisms. CySeP can be rewarding for a whole range of attendees: from those with basic knowledge to those actively working on or researching S&P.

For example, if you are: (i) a student with already some good related coursework or a MSc thesis, (ii) a PhD student with relevant interests, (iii) an engineer or practitioner that works on securing your company's information systems, (iv) an engineer that designs and develops S&P solutions, (v) a teacher of S&P courses, or (vi) a researcher concerned with S&P, then CySeP is certainly for you.

Who should present a demo and/or a poster at CySeP?

Anyone representing a project or an organization with expertise in solving real-world S&P problems, seeking to contribute ideas and showcase enticing technologies and achievements to the CySeP audience. Please see the "Call for Posters and Demos" tab for more details.

Links to old CySeP events: [2014]



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Important Dates

  • CySeP dates:
    October 20 - 23, 2015


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    October 16, 2015

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    October 16, 2015



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