Mikael Johansson
Professor, Decision and Control Systems
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology
mikaelj@kth.se,  +46-8-790 7436
"My research evolves around control and optimization of complex systems,
science and technology that help computers to make better decisions"
News: Funded by the KAW foundation, we are launching a new research project on wireless AI together with experts on wireless communication and IoT. We are now looking for a postdoc to join our efforts.
Recent publications
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Linear quadratic and model predictive control

M. Johansson

Lecture Notes, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden


Bringing regularized optimal transport to lightspeed: a splitting method adapted for GPUs

J. Lindb├Ąck, Z. Wang and M. Johansson

NeurIPS 2023


Asynchronous iterations in optimization: new sequence results and sharper algorithmic guarantees

H. R. Feyzmahdavian and M. Johansson

Journal on Machine Learning Research, 2023

We are working on a range of problems in the general area of automatic control, optimization and autonomous decision-making.