Mikael Johansson
Professor, Decision and Control Systems
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology
mikaelj@kth.se,  +46-8-790 7436
"My research evolves around control and optimization of complex systems,
science and technology that help computers to make better decisions"
News: within the WASP program, we are starting an exciting project on Data-bound computing, involving experts in hardware architectures, programming languages, distributed systems, and optimization. We are now recruiting PhD students and postdocs to join our effort. The ad is here.
Recent publications
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Delay-adaptive step-sizes for asynchronous learning

X. Wu, S. Magnusson, H. R. Feyzmahdavian and M. Johansson

ICML 2022


A fast and accurate splitting method for optimal transport: analysis and implementation

V. V. Mai, J. Lindb├Ąck and M Johansson

ICLR 2022


On the convergence of step decay step-size for stochastic optimization

X. Wang, S. Magnusson and M. Johansson

NeurIPS 2021

We are working on a range of problems in the general area of automatic control, optimization and autonomous decision-making.