Bio. Mikael Johansson earned the M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Lund University, Sweden, in 1994 and 1999, respectively. He held postdoctoral research positions at Stanford University and UC Berkeley before joining KTH in 2002, where he now serves as a full professor.

His research interests are in distributed optimization, wireless networking, and control. He has published several ISI-highly cited papers, has served on the editorial board of Automatica and the IEEE Transaction on Control of Network Systems, as well as on the program committee for conferences such as IEEE CDC, IEEE Infocom, ACM SenSys.


Automatic control lab
KTH - Osquldas vag 10
Tel: +46-8-7907436
Fax: +46-8-7907329

Open positions:

I am currently looking for one postdoc and one-two PhD students. Please contact me by email to learn more.



We are working on a wide range of problems in the general area of automatic control, optimization and autonomous decision-making.
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Distributed optimization

Algorithms, analysis and applications

Complex control systems

Hybrid, networked and asynchronous control

Real-time and sensor networking

Energy-efficient communications with hard deadlines

Large-scale coordination

Dynamics of disagreement and collaboration

Networking and communications

Wireless communications and data networking

Decision support systems

Scheduling, bioinformatics, and sports


Research group

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