Mikael Johansson
Professor, Decision and Control Systems
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology
mikaelj@kth.se,  +46-8-790 7436
"My research evolves around control and optimization of complex systems,
science and technology that help computers to make better decisions"
News: Funded by the KAW foundation, we are launching a new research project on wireless AI together with experts on wireless communication and IoT. We are now looking for a postdoc to join our efforts.
Recent publications
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Delay-agnostic asynchronous coordinate update algorithms

X. Wu and C. Liu and S. Magnusson and M. Johansson

ICML 2023

Generalized Polyak step size for first order optimization with momentum

X. Wang, T. Zhang and M. Johansson

ICML 2023

Asynchronous iterations in optimization: new sequence results and sharper algorithmic guarantees

H. R. Feyzmahdavian and M. Johansson

Journal on Machine Learning Research, 2023

We are working on a range of problems in the general area of automatic control, optimization and autonomous decision-making.