The activities of G. Q. Maguire Jr. and his students.

The Computer Communication Systems lab (founded in 1995 - terminated as a organizational unit 31 Dec. 2000; continued as a logical unit) is concerned with computer based communication in the broadest possible sense. We are concerned with:

Formally the chair is described in the following Swedish: Ämnet omfattar integrerade dator- och kommunikationssystem för personlig databehandling och personalkomunikation, speciellt trådlös kommunikation och effektiva implementerings strategier. (Ref. nr 473/93).




Visiting Scientists

Postgraduate Students

Teknologie Doktor Students (Full-time)

Part-time Teknologie Doktor Student(s)

Full-time Licentiate Student(s)

Part-time Licentiate Student(s)

Undergraduate Students (projects): Civ. Ing., Diplom, Kandidat, Civ. Ing. student project

The final thesis of some of these students are available from DiVA and for other from here.

Visiting students

Former students

Tekn. Dr. Student(s)

Former Tekn. Lic. Student(s)

Some of my former Civ. Ing. and Diplom Student(s) (projects)


Research Projects

Projects: 2004, 2003, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997


An automatically generated list of publications is available from DiVA.


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