Krister Svanberg, professor


Civilingenjör (Teknisk fysik) 1975, Tekn.Dr 1982, Docent 1993, Professor 2005.
Worked for the Contract Research Group of Applied Mathematics, 1976-1985.
Worked as senior lecturer at the division of Optimization and Systems Theory, 1986-2004.
Now works as professor at the same division, since January 2005.
Main current area of research is topology optimization of linearly elastic structures.
Has developed an optimization method called MMA (Method of Moving Asymptotes),
and another optimization method called GCMMA (Globally Convergent version of MMA).
The corresponding computer codes in Matlab are available for academic usage.
Prospective users should write an e-mail, explaining the intended usage of the codes.

For the original MMA paper from 1987, see originalmma.pdf.
For the mathematical background of GCMMA, see siampaper.pdf.
For a detailed description of the solution methods used in the Matlab
implementations of MMA and GCMMA, see mmagcmma.pdf.
For some optimized academic truss structures, see here.