Distributed Systems in Erlang

These are a set of assignments that we have used in several courses in distributed systems. They have been used to exemplify different systems, algorithms or aspects such as performance and fault tolerance.

Operating Systems Exploration

A set of tutorials and experiments that I've used in the operating systems course. You should be able to complete the assignments with some skill in basic C programming. The idea is not to prosent challenging tasks to complete but to guide you through some experiments that will help you better understans the inner workings of an operating system.


Penny is a parallel implementation of a AKL (Agents) virtual machine. The AKL is a concurrent constraint language with implicit concurrency. Execution was data driven and statements that did not have enough information would simply suspend.


A project where the school of ICT was operating its own GSM/GPRS mobile network. The Monaco project was as strange as it was hard to run. It evolved around an idea called GSM Light but was carried away with a donation from Ericsson.


The Spirit project was a fun and for its time futuristic adventure. With a group of students from Uppsala University we built a location aware information system. The system could feed information to a person on foot in a city environment and sources of information was coupled with physical objects in the environment.