Katharina Jochemko

Postdoctoral Researcher

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
Department of Mathematics
SE-100 40 Stockholm, Sweden

Email: j o c h e m k o @ k t h . s e

I am a Microsoft Research Fellow for the semester program Geometry of Polynomials at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing in Berkeley. I recently have been awarded a four-year starting grant from the Swedish Research Council (VR) for my project Alcoved polytopes --- a pathway between geometry and combinatorics. Before I was a postdoc in the combinatorics group of Petter Brändén at KTH in Stockholm and in the convex and discrete geometry workgroup of Monika Ludwig at TU Wien. I did my PhD at FU Berlin, my advisor was Raman Sanyal. During my PhD studies I was funded by a Hilda Geiringer Scholarship of the Berlin Mathematical School.

Areas of Research