Decision and Control Systems
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden
Visiting address  Malvinas väg 10, Stockholm
Tel.  +46 (0)8 790 72 94
Henrik Sandberg
Ph.D. Automatic Control, Lund University
M.Sc. Engineering Physics, Lund University

My research interests include security of cyberphysical systems, power systems, model reduction, stochastic thermodynamics, and fundamental limitations of control systems.
Research:   Short bio
Selected presentations
CERCES - Center for Resilient Critical Infrastructures
ACCESS Linnaeus Centre
Students (Present & Former):   Rijad Alisic (co-supervisor K.H. Johansson)
Ingvar Ziemann (co-supervisor A. Proutiere)
David Umsonst (co-supervisor K.H. Johansson)
Jezdimir Milosevic (co-supervisor K.H. Johansson)
Emma Tegling (co-supervisor K.H. Johansson)
Kaveh Paridari (main supervisor Lars Nordström)
Martin Andreasson (main supervisor K.H. Johansson)
André Teixeira (Ph.D. 2014, co-supervisor K.H. Johansson)
José Araujo (PhD. 2014, main supervisor K.H. Johansson)
Per Hägg (Ph.D. 2014, main supervisor B. Wahlberg)
Farhad Farokhi (University of Melbourne, Ph.D. 2014, main supervisor K.H. Johansson)
Chithrupa Ramesh (Ph.D. 2014, main supervisor K.H. Johansson)
Erik Henriksson (Öhlins Racing, Ph.D. 2014, main supervisor K.H. Johansson)
Christopher Sturk (Karolinska Institutet, Lic 2012, co-supervisor E. Jacobsen)
Postdocs (Present & Former):   Hampei Sasahara
Sebin Gracy
Philip E. Pare
Serkan Saritas
Michelle S. Chong
Matin Jafarian
Jieqiang Wei (Ericsson Research)
Takashi Tanaka (University of Texas at Austin)
Adam Molin (Denso Automotive Deutschland)
Moritz Wiese (Technical University of Munich)
Bart Besselink (University of Groningen)
Alessandra Parisio (University of Manchester)
Iman Shames (University of Melbourne)
Kin Cheong Sou (National Sun Yat-sen University)
Teaching: EL1010 Automatic Control, Basic Course
EL3340 Introduction to Model Order Reduction
Security and Limitations of Cyber-Physical Systems

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