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Models Into and Out of Economics

My research on modelling in economics has lead me to discover that many model elements, model solutions or at least model inspirations did not originate in economics itself, but in other scientific disciplines. This has opened some intriguing questions about the transfer of models, model elements or modelling practices across disciplines, especially when involving economics. These questions include: In this research project, I examine these questions by looking at the properties of particular models as well as the contexts and goals of their use. Through the study of successful and less successful cases I will seek to identify the formal and informal standards and conventions that guide - and should guide - model use, transfer and evaluation. I will approach these issues through a number of case studies, including studies of evolutionary game theory in biology and economics, and the development of the hyperbolic discounting model in psychology and economics.

The project runs from 2012-2017 and is funded by the Finnish Centre of Excellence in The Philosophy of the Social Sciences.