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Since 2016    Professor, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm


London School of Economics and Political Science
Ph.D. in Philosophy 2004
M.Sc. Economics and Philosophy, 1999

Humboldt Universität, Berlin
Vordiplom Economics and Zwischenprüfung Philosophy, Politics & Sociology, 1998


2011-2015    Associate Professor, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm
2008-2011    University Researcher, Helsinki Collegium of Advances Studies
2007-2008    University Researcher, Department of Social and Moral Philosophy, University of Helsinki
2004-2007    Postdoc Researcher, Department of Philosophy and the History of Technology, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
2003-2004    Teaching Fellow, Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, London School of Economics (LSE)
2000-2002    Research Assistant, Centre for Philosophy of Natural & Social Science, LSE
2000-2002    Part-time Teacher, Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, London School of Economics (LSE)
1994-1998    TV Reporter, Deutsche Fernsehnachrichten Agentur (DFA), Berlin, Bonn, Moscow
1992-1994    Officer trainee, Bundeswehr. Rank attained: Leutnant d.R.

OBTAINED FUNDING (size in 1000€)

Research Grants
  • Swedish Research Council Grant for 'Assisted Decision Making' 2012-2015 (PI, 120k)
  • TINT Centre of Excellence Visiting Professorship (2012-15, renewed to 2017, 42k).
  • Finnish Academy of Science 'Centre of Excellence Grant in the Philosophy of Social Science' 2012-2017 (co-applicant, 800k)
  • Finnish Cultural Foundation Grant for 'The Market', Helsinki 2009-2012 (Co-applicant, 80k)
  • Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies (HCAS) fellowship 'Understanding the Modelling Revolution' 2007-2011 (PI, 200k)
Smaller Stipends
  • Karl Engvers stiftelse travel grant 2012, 2014, 2015 (4.5k)
  • TINT and HCAS grant for 'Interdisciplinary Exchange as the Object of Philosophical Inquiry' symposium, Helsinki 2010 (9k)
  • Helsinki University Rector's Travel Grant (2k)
  • TINT and HCAS grant for 'Modelling in Interdisciplinary Comparison' symposium, Helsinki 2010 (7k)
  • TINT and HCAS grant for 'Models and Fiction' symposium, Helsinki 2009 (4k)
  • Knut and Alice Wallenberg grant for PSA symposium 2006 (1k).
  • DFG (German Research Foundation) grant for preference change workshop, Berlin 2006 (5k).
Merit-based Scholarships
  • LSE Ph.D. student grant, 1999-2000, 2001-2002, 2002-2003 (10k).
  • German Academic Exchange Fund Ph.D. grant ('DAAD-HSP III'), 2000-01 (20k).
  • German Academic Exchange Fund Postgraduate Grant 1998-1999 (15k).

  • Visiting Scholar, PPE, University of Pennsylvania, January 2007.
  • Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics and Political Science, 2004-08.
  • Visiting Scholar, Department of Philosophy, Columbia University, New York, 2002-03.


Funding Bodies
US National Science Foundation (NSF)
Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)
Estonian Science Foundation (ETF)
Österreichischer Wissenschaftsfonds (FWF)
Wellcome Trust, UK
Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)
American Academy in Berlin

Acta Analytica
Biology & Philosophy
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
Economics & Philosophy
Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics
European Journal for the Philosophy of Science
Ethics & Economics
International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making
International Journal of Wellbeing
International Studies in the Philosophy of Science
Journal of Economic Methodology
Journal of Philosophy
Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation
Minds & Machines
The Monist
Philosophy & Technology
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of the Social Sciences
Risk Analysis
Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science, Series A
Social Choice and Welfare

Book Publishers


  • Associate Editor, Journal of Economic Methodology, since 2012
  • Organisation Committee Member Society for the Philosophy of Science in Practice (SPSP), since 2015
  • Editorial Board Member, Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, since 2010.

  • PhD Thesis evaluation committee member:
    • Guilhem Lecouteux: Reconciling Normative and Behavioural Economics, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, May 2015
    • Henrik Thoren: The Hammer and the Nail: Interdisciplinary Problem Solving in Sustainability Science, Lund University, March 2015.

  • Conference program committee member:
    • Decision, Games & Logic 2012 (Co-Chair), München 2012
    • European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Madrid 2014
    • Models and Simulations 6, University of Notre Dame, 2014
    • European Philosophy of Science Association, Düsseldorf 2015
    • Decision, Games & Logic 2015, London 2015
    • PSA Biennial Meeting, Atlanta 2016

  • Conference local organizing committee member:
    • Decision, Games & Logic 2013, Stockholm 2013
    • International Network of Economic Methodology, Helsinki 2013
    • Models & Simulation 5, Helsinki 2012

  • Hiring Committee Member, W1 Professur, University of Bayreuth, 2011
  • Undergraduate Admissions Tutor, LSE 2003-2004.
  • General Course Tutor, LSE 2003-2004.