My main research interests are on P2P systems and content-centric networking (CCN or ICN).

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Theme: Basic NetInf
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The objective of this project is to develop a packet level simulator of the Basic NetInf architecture. NetInf is a novel communication architecture where focus is on the subject of the communication rather than the communicating parties (terminals). Communication is based on a publish/subscribe like messaging paradigm. “Senders” publish information in the network and “receivers” subscribe to information. As information is transferred through the network it is automatically cached and replicated in order to avoid future redundant network transfers. When a terminal subscribes to information the network will locate replicas in its vicinity and transfer will start from there. The goal of the project is to carry out a packet level simulation of the Basic NetInf achitecture. The simulator should be flexible and detailed enough to be able to experiment with and develop protocols for both NetInf name resolution, transport and content caching. The OmNet++ Network Simulation Framework has been considered as a possible platform for the simulator but alternatives such as NS2 also exist. Requirements for the following functionalities -- resolution, transport, caching -- should be detailed (to be defined in more detail).

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