Here is a list of courses that I have passed during my PhD studies:


  1. Compressive Sensing and Structured Random Matrices

  2. Convex Optimization with Engineering Applications

  3. Convex optimization II

  4. Distibuted Optimization

  5. Matrix Algebra

  6. Networked and Multi-Agent Control Systems

  7. Optimal Filtering

  8. Introduction to Game Theory and Applications

  9. Principle of Wireless Sensor Networks

  10. Programming of Wireless Sensor Networks: A System Perspective

  11. Wireless Access Protocols

  12. Managing the Innovation Process

  13. 3rd Euro-NF Summer School on Opportunistic Networking

  14. 4TH HYCON2 PhD School On Control of Networked and Large-scale Systems

  15. WISENET Nordic Darkness School on Wireless Sensor Networks