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With DMS' Nihongo de anata no namae! you can get your name written in the Japanese alphabet Katagana. Katagana is the alphabet which is used to write foreign words and names etc.

To obtain the most proper translation of your name (after all it's just a silly little computerprogram that does the job...) you should consider the following aspects:

I have noticed that som browsers have problems whith the Swedish letters ("computer hang up"). Sorry for that, switch them out according to the above mentioned rules of translation. You can also view a chart showing the characters in Hiragana and Katakana.

Do you want to learn Japanese?

Try taking some languagecourses on the net: Foreign Laungages for Travelers, Traveler's Japanese with Voice which also has a basic Pronunciation guide (english pronounciation). Also try: Japanese Language Information, The Quick and Dirty Guide to Japanese, The Japanese Language, and Japan on the Web pages. Maybe you are a student at the KTH? If so, you can take the Japankunskap course 4p. B.E Sterzinger has a great site where you can learn how to write kanji, hiragana and katagana by using animation!!

If you want to go to Japan and study the Japanese language there are several Japanese Language Schools. There are also a Japanese Language School Guide with a lot of information. Nanzan University has language courses that fits with the Swedish fall and spring semesters. Here is a list containing the Japanese schools and universities available on the net.

On more information about Japan and traveling in Japan, go to Japan Travel Updates, Japanese Information, Japan Window, and City.Net Japan.

This program is originally written byFizzBomb, (the english version). I have changed the code so that the program will fit the Swedish rules of pronounciation.

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Last modified: 98-05-19