The Expert Cartridge

The Expert was manufactured by the company Trilogic. It is a freezer cartridge, with built-in machine code monitor, but no disk turbos or other basic wedges. A unique feature of the Expert is that the software is stored in RAM, which enables simple and cheap upgrades, but also requires the cartridge to be programmed from disk before it can be used.

Photo of Expert cartridge Photo of Expert cartridge
Scans from the cover of Trilogic's catalog. Note that the logo part of the label is upside down on the left image.


I have reverse engineered the schematics. Since the markings on the ICs were ground off, this involved desoldering some parts and analysing them on a breadboard. (Don't try this at home.)

Expert schematics

Postscript file



Software may come later.

Instead of using Trilogic's programming menu, I found it convenient to do a programming with the switch in its 'OFF' position, and save the memory from $8000-$9FFF to disk. Then to program the cartridge I would just put the switch at 'PRG' and load the memory image.

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