David Rydh
Professor at KTH (Algebraic Geometry)
Office: 3546
Phone: +46-8-790-7179
Department of Mathematics
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
SE-100 44 Stockholm
E-mail: dary AT math.[university-name].se
Algebraic geometry group at KTH
Algebraic topology group at KTH
Algebra and geometry seminars at KTH
Algebra, geometry, topology and combinatorics at SU
Current activities
Mittag-Leffler program: Moduli and algebraic cycles, Fall 2021
Workshop: Motives and Hodge theory, Oct 18–22, 2021
Workshop: Moduli spaces and log geometry, Nov 15–19, 2021
Research interests
Algebraic and arithmetic geometry:
  • Algebraic stacks and spaces, moduli problems.
  • Birational geometry (flatification, compactification, weak factorization).
  • Blow-ups of various kinds: stacky, weighted, derived, saturated, ...
  • (Non-reductive) geometric invariant theory.
  • Derived algebraic geometry.
  • Derived and triangulated categories, monoidal categories, coherent functors.
  • Resolution of singularities.
  • Wild ramification, Riemann—Zariski spaces, non-archimedean geometry, valuation theory, log geometry.
  • Motives, motivic homotopy theory.
  • Chow and Hilbert schemes, Moduli of higher-dimensional varieties.
  • Divided powers, seminormality, tight closure.