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Quotes and proverbs is something I really enjoy. Follow the links below to see a couple of my favorite ones in different languages.


Some of these Jedi Mind Tricks are really freaky! Try them!

Peykan jokes!! Peykan is Irans own brand-name car. It's main quality being its low price, people have made a numerous jokes about it. Here you can read some of them.

Let me also tell you another interesting story; while biking in Eastern Europe, I met this guy who was telling me the exact same jokes, but applied on a "Yugo" instead!! Yugo is the x-Yugoslavian car.... it's a small world isn't it??

And now some stories:

VHF concersation at sea: I'm not sure wheather this story is true or just a popular legend or a myth about the americans. It's funny anyhow...

Q:Why did the chicken cross the road?

Engineers versus managment.

Läkarens journalanteckningar. Sorry, this one is in swedish only. I came across the english vesion once, but didn't find it as amusing, probably b/c I didn't fully understood all the jokes...

Sist men inte minst....

Välkommen till projektet VB54. Sedan år 2000 har tre kusiner arbetat mot målet att restaurera och bygga om en vedettbåt till en oceankryssare. Det har nu gått 6 år av de 10 som projektet är planerat att fortgå, dvs år 2010 är ni välkomna med runt jorden.

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