A short course on Cohen-Macaulay Complexes

Spring term 2019

The concept of Cohen-Macaulay complexes played an indispensable role in Stanly's prove of Upper Bound Conjecture. Since then, it has been one of the cornerstones of a rapidly developing mathematical discipline at the crossroads of combinatoics, commutative algebra and topology.

You can find the Description of the course here.

General Information:

Course Credit:

The course has 4.5 credit. Those who are interested in taking credit for the course must write a report and give a presentation of a subject that will be assigned to them.


Our first metting will be Friday March the 1st from 13:15 at room 3418.
From Friday March the 22nd we move to room E36.

Preliminary version of the notes:

Lecture 1.
Lecture 2.
Lecture 4.