Mikael Skoglund, Professor

Dr. Skoglund received the Ph.D. degree in 1997 from Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden. He was appointed Docent in Signal Processing in February 2001 and Professor of Communication Theory in October 2003, both at KTH.

He joined the Dept. of Signals Sensors and Systems, KTH, in August 1997. Here he became Assistant Professor (forskarassistent) in March 1998 and Associate Professor (universitetslektor) in October 2001. He was then appointed to the Chair in Communication Theory in October 2003.

Skoglund heads the communication theory department at KTH, and he is vice dean of the school of electrical engineering (ranked 17 in the world and 6 in Europe). He is also a founding faculty member of the ACCESS Linnaeus Center and the director of the ACCESS graduate school.

During 2003-09 he was an associate editor for IEEE Trans. on Communications and during 2009-12 he was on the editorial board for IEEE Trans. on Information Theory.

Research interests: Information theory, communications, signal processing, networks

School of Electrical Engineering
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
100 44 Stockholm, Sweden
KTH Main Campus
Osquldas väg 10, Room A:415

Email: skoglund@kth.se Phone: +46 8 790 8430
Personal web-page: people.kth.se/~skoglund Fax: +46 8 790 7260
KTH profile page: www.kth.se/profile/skoglund

List of Publications (Google Scholar)

Research Projects

Present Postdocs

  • Germán Bassi
    • Graduated from: Supélec
  • Qiwen Wang
    • Graduated from: Chinese Univ. Hong Kong
  • Takashi Tanaka
    • Graduated from: UIUC
    • Co-supervised with: K. H. Johansson, H. Sandberg
  • Moritz Wiese
    • Graduated from: TU Munich
    • Co-supervised with: K. H. Johansson, P. Papadimitratos, T. Oechtering

Former Postdocs

  1. Jinfeng Du, 2013-15
    • Graduated from: KTH
    • VR postdoc at MIT, hosted by Médard (MIT) and Skoglund
    • Present affiliation: Nokia/Lucent Bell-Labs, NJ
  2. Somayeh Salimi, 2011-14
    • Graduated from: Sharif, Teheran
    • Present affiliation: KTH
  3. Mikko Vehkaperä, 2010-13
    • Graduated from: NTNU
    • Present affiliation: Univ. Sheffield
    • Co-supervised with: L. K. Rasmussen, E. Aurell
  4. Taejoon Kim, 2012
    • Graduated from: Purdue
    • Present affiliation: City Univ. Hong Kong
  5. Chao Wang, 2009-12
    • Graduated from: Univ. Edinburgh
    • Present affiliation: Tongji University, Shanghai
  6. Saikat Chatterjee, 2009-12
    • Graduated from: IISc
    • Present affiliation: KTH
  7. Vishwambhar Rathi, 2009-10
    • Graduated from: EPFL
    • Present affiliation: NVIDIA, Bristol
    • Co-supervised with: L. K. Rasmussen, E. Aurell
  8. Tobias Oechtering, 2008-10
    • Graduated from: TU Berlin
    • Present affiliation: KTH
  9. Ming Xiao, 2007-8
    • Graduated from: Chalmers
    • Present affiliation: KTH
  10. Ragnar Thobaben, 2007-8
    • Graduated from: TU Kiel
    • Present affiliation: KTH

Present Students

I am also co-advisor for the following students.
  • Peter Larsson (main advisor: Lars Rasmussen)
  • Minh Tanh Vu (main advisor: Tobias Oechtering)
  • Sebastian Shiessl (main advisor: James Gross)

Former Ph.D. Students as Main Advisor

  1. Tan Tai Do
  2. Efthymios Stathakis
  3. Zhao Wang
  4. Sheng Huang
  5. Hamed Farhadi
  6. Frédéric Gabry
  7. Kittipong Kittichokechai
  8. Dennis Sundman
  9. Amirpasha Shirazinia
  10. Mattias Andersson
  11. Ali Abbas Zaidi
  12. Ricardo Blasco Serrano
  13. Hieu Do
  14. Nicolas Schrammar
  15. Zhongwei Si
  16. Jinfeng Du
  17. Majid Khormuji
  18. Johannes Kron (formerly Karlsson)
  19. Sha Yao
    • Ph.D. degree received in March 2011
    • Thesis title: Relaying Without Decoding
    • Present affiliation: Shanghai Research Center for Wireless Comms (Shanghai)
  20. Lei Bao
  21. Niklas Wernersson
  22. Tung Kim
  23. Tomas Andersson (formerly Sköllermo)
  24. Jochen Giese

Former Ph.D. Students as Co-Advisor

  1. Leefke Grosjean (main advisor: Lars K. Rasmussen)
    • Ph.D. degree received in May 2016
    • Thesis title: Practical Anytime Codes
    • Present affiliation: Ericsson Research (Stockholm)
  2. Joakim Jaldén (main advisor: B. Ottersten)
    • Ph.D degree received in December 2006
    • Thesis title: Detection for Multiple Input Multiple Output Channels
    • Present affiliation: KTH
  3. Henrik Lundin (main advisor: P. Händel
  4. Tomas Andersson (main advisor: P. Händel)
  5. George Jöngren (main advisor: B. Ottersten)


Courses I teach or have taught include