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Timo Koski
Professor of mathematical statistics


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StoUpp 2016 Conference

Mathematical Statistics

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First cycle

sf1911 Statistik för bioteknik

Second cycle

sf2940/5b1540 Sannolikhetsteori/Probability theory 7.5p

Lectures in Biostatistics

sf2935 Moderna metoder för statistisk inlärning/Modern Methods for Statistical Learning 7.5p

Third cycle

Graduate Course in Statistical Inference 2010 January -- May
Graduate Course in Statistical Genetics and Bayesian Networks 2010 March--
fsf 3970 Graduate Course in Bayesian Networks 2015 April -- May
Lectures on Techniques of Statistical Learning
Lectures on Statistical Bioinformatics at Makere University
Lectures on Statistical Learning and Chow-Liu Trees

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