CV for Sven Ove Hansson

I was born in KŠvlinge, Sweden in 1951.

Homepage: http://home.abe.kth.se/~soh/


University degrees


Bachelor of Medicine, University of Lund.


Bachelor of Arts, Uppsala University.


PhD in theoretical philosophy (ÒBelief Base DynamicsÓ), Uppsala University.


Docent (corresponds to German Habilitation) in theoretical philosophy, Uppsala University.


PhD in practical philosophy (ÒStructures of ValueÓ), University of Lund.


Docent in practical philosophy, University of Lund.



1975 – 1978

Official of the Swedish Factory Workers' Union, responsible for industrial medicine and toxicology.

1978 – 1983

Official at the headquarters of the Swedish Social Democrats. (During that time I began to study philosophy in my spare time.)

1983 – 1985

Secretary general of a government committee responsible for reforming the control and regulation of hazardous chemicals in Sweden (ÒkemikommissionenÓ). (The major outcomes were a new legislation and a new government agency, the National Chemicals Inspectorate.)

1985 – 1986

Full-time popular science writer.

1986 – 1991

Full-time graduate student in theoretical philosophy, Uppsala University.

1993 – 1999

Associate professor ("forskarassistent"), Uppsala University.

1999 – 2000

Research position at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm.


Professor in Philosophy at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm.


Committee membership etc

I have been a member of the Government Research Advisory Board (forskningsberedningen, 2000-2005). I have also been member of three Boards of Directors appointed by the Swedish Government: the Products Control Board (1976–1982; the predecessor of the National Chemicals Inspectorate), the National Board for Spent Nuclear Fuel (1981–1992) and the Natural Science Foundation (1989–1992). I have been member of four temporary Commissions appointed by Government, three on environmental policies and one on social insurance. I am currently member of the Stockholm Regional Ethical Review Board and a deputy member of the Swedish Gene Technology Advisory Board.

Since September 1999 I am the editor of Theoria, the only international, refereed, philosophy journal published in Sweden. Since February 2013 I am the editor of the book series Outstanding Contributions to Logic (Studia Logica Library). I am member of the editorial boards of Synthese, Studia Logica, and the Journal of Philosophical Logic, area editor of the book series Logic, Argumentation and Reasoning, and member of the scientific editorial board of Philosophy & Technology and the advisory board of the book series Philosophy of Engineering and Technology (Springer).

From 2001 to 2003 I was vice chairperson of Riskkollegiet, a Swedish association for risk research.

I was President of the international Society for Philosophy and Technology in 2011-2013. I have been a board member since 2007.

Since 2009 I am a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).

            I was the founding chairperson of the Swedish Skeptics (Vetenskap och folkbildning) and member of its board 1982-2013. I am editor of the organizationÕs journal Folkvett.

            I was head of the Division of Philosophy (KTH) 2000-2015 and head of the Department of Philosophy and History (KTH) 2005-2010 and 2014-2015.


Completed PhDs that I have supervised

Erik Olsson (theoretical philosophy 1997), Mikael Johannesson (systems ecology 1998), Eduardo FermŽ (computer science 1999), Christina RudŽn (toxicology 2002), Martin Peterson (philosophy 2003), Per Sandin (philosophy 2005), Anders Persson, (philosophy 2006), Eva Hedfors (philosophy 2006), Madeleine Hayenhielm  (philosophy 2007), HŽlne Hermansson (philosophy 2007), Elin Palm (philosophy 2007), Barbro Bjšrkman (philosophy 2008), Holger Rosencrantz (philosophy 2009), Kalle Grill (philosophy 2009), Niklas Mšller (philosophy 2009), Lars Lindblom (philosophy 2009), Anna-Karin Lindberg (risk and safety 2010), Johan Gustafsson (philosophy, 2011), Linda Johansson (philosophy, 2013), Qian Ding (risk and safety, 2013), Sara Belfrage (philosophy, 2014), Per Norstršm (philosophy, 2014), Karim Jebari (philosophy, 2014), Mikael Dubois (philosophy, 2015), Patrik Baard (philosophy, 2016).


Completed licentiateÕs degrees under my supervision

Martin Peterson (2001), Per Sandin, (2002), Anders Persson (2004), Barbro Bjšrkman (2005), Elin Palm (2005), Eva Hedfors (2005) Rikard Levin (2005), Niklas Mšller (2006), HŽlne Hermansson (2006), Madeleine Hayenhielm (2006), Holger Rosencrantz (2006), Kalle Grill (2006), Mikael Dubois (2007), Birgitte Wandall (2007), Marion Godman (2009), Johan E Gustafsson (2009), Linda Johansson (2011), Per Norstršm (2011), Karim Jebari (2012), Thomas Falk (2013), Gunilla Rooke (2013), Dan Munter (2013), Patrik Baard (2014), Anna Stenkvist (2014), Payam Moula (2015), Jesper Jerkert (2015).



My list of publications includes well over 300 publications in international refereed journals. See http://people.kth.se/~soh/sohpub.htm.