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Examiner for thesis projects related to software architecture, (logic) programming languages, tools, in particular analysis and formal development of software, and also application software.
Ongoing Master's project Student Extra (or Industrial) Advisor Start End Opponent nomineed Seminar Time&place
On P2P and semantic web Joakim Pettersson, D95 Giovanni Tummarello, DEIT, Univ. Pol. delle Marche, Italy 2004-03-01 2004-07-15 not yet not yet


finished exjobs

Automated source-to-source translation from Java to C++ Jacek Sieka, IT02 . 2012-05-10 2012-10-04 Arghavan Majidi and Pierre Schamberger 2012-09-27
Network Visualization - Animation, interaction techniques and work towards a general purpose platform for visualization of network based systems Kalle Ojaniemi, IT01 Fredrik Holmgren, SICS AB 2007-02-13 Approved 2010-06-21 no opposition At SICS, internal and open seminars
Network Visualisation: Layout algorithms and work towards a general purpose platform for visualisation of network based systems Pär Törnberg, IT01 Fredrik Holmgren, SICS AB 2007-02-13 Approved 2010-05-25 no opposition At SICS, internal and open seminars
A testbed for validation of realtime systems Martin Kristersson, IT01 Enea AB 2007-06-15 approved 2008-11-01 team and industrial supervisor at enea Took place in january 2008 at ENEA AB
Debugger shepherd- debugging parallel programs David Larson, IT Lars Albertsson, SICS AB 2005-01-20 2005-08-20 Susanne Blanke 2005-09-01:10.15 LECS GEMINI
Porting the AFS File System to Windows 2000 Tomas Olsson, D97 Leif Johansson, Enheten för IT och media, Stockholms Universitet. Johanna Svenningsson, KTH 2004-03-01 2004-09-01 Björn Blom 2004-09-27 10:00
"Gemini", Elevator C, Floor 8, FORUM
An analysis on Real Time Java Applied in Automotive Systems Renzheng Wang, IW Thomas Sjöland
ordinary examiner: Vladimir Vlassov
2004-01-01 2004-07-01 Yan Zhang Tue 2004-06-29 15:00
LECS Gemini
Agent Based Matchmaking Nitin Panchanathan, IW Dr. Luc Onana-Alima, SICS AB and IMIT. Prof. Koen Bertels, Technical University, Delft, The Netherlands 2003-11-01 2004-07-01 Gigu Mathew Zachariah, Andreas Larson 2004-02-26 14:00
Migrating existing Internet technologies to the new .NET platform Björn Blom, E98 Fredrik Gottfridsson, PocketMobile Communication Systems 2003-08-25 2004-03-25 Johanna Svenningsson 2004-05-19 14:00
Keso a Scalable, Reliable, and Secure read/write Peer-to-peer File System Johanna Svenningsson, D96, Mattias Amnefelt, D98 Dr. Luc Onana-Alima, SICS AB and IMIT 2003-11-01 2004-04-30 Joanna Kühn 2004-05-24 15:00
Traffic Shaping in the AXD301 Ericsson ATM Switch: Theory and Optimal Design MR, E93 - (started 2001, took over examination in august 2003) 2003-12-18 presentation took place in 2002
Simulation of Bluetooth Network Lennart Lagerstedt, E94 Prof. Seif Haridi, IMIT/LECS; K. Andersson and J. Nilsson, AerotechTelub AB (Took over report, presentation and examination in september 2003). 2003-12-18 Tomas Sundin Time:10:00-11:00, Thursday Nov 20th 2003 Place: Seminar room "Gemini", Forum, Isafjordsgatan 39, Kista. Elevator C, Floor 8
Computation of Capacity in Railway Networks, (project page) Malin Forsgren, D98 Dr. Jan Ekman, SICS AB 2002-08-19 2003-06-04 Magnus Sjöstedt and Oskar Bergquist 2003-05-28, 14-15
LECS Gemini
Decision Parameters when Choosing SCM/ERP, (project page) Andreas Röberg, T96 Ingvar Norelius, SchlumbergerSEMA 2002-06-19 2003-01-10 Erik Brage 2003-01-10, 10-11
LECS Gemini

Finished exjobs with other examiner

Suspended exjobs with other examiner

Tool for Vehicle Diagnostics via Bluetooth-link Peter Risberg Tritech AB, (Prof. Seif Haridi, IMIT examiner)
Koduppdatering i drift för Erlang/OTP system Ronny Jacobsson Lennart Öhman, Sjöland & Thyselius Datakonsulter AB


Thomas Sjöland, sjoland

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