Thomas Sjöland's biography page

A short CV.

My academic degree is a Fil Kand in Computer Science, Mathematics and Logic from Stockholm University. I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Systems at the Royal Institute of Technology. (I have also studied medicine for a few years in the seventies at the Karolinska Institute where I got interested in programming computers). An early program (coauthored in BASIC by Stig Svensson, Ph.D. in linguistics and med school colleague) generated a reasonable subset of grammatically correct swedish sentences and showed me the awkwardness of imperative languages for many complex tasks. The program was first (1976) implemented on a NORD-10 time-sharing machine at Karolinska Institutet. In 1980 I ported the program to an ABC-80 computer after a request to exhibit the program on Tekniska Museet at the exhibition "Hej Dator!" the same year. Around 1990 I implemented a basic interpreter and some other tools for the purpose of experimenting with analysis of imperative programs for the purpose of transforming control structures into a more readable, but operationally equivalent, form. The sentence-generator, slightly modified was a good test example. The basic program, a basic interpreter and other tools in Prolog and some output are here. (Copy this directory and run the make file). Other early programming experiences were in tools for music production, signal processing and lab equipment. I have worked with courses in logic programming, program analysis, networking and AI. Most of the research projects I have worked in have been related to implementation of communication protocols and with technology for logic programming languages. During the period 1990-1991 I was project manager for the SICStus Prolog project supported by Ericsson and CelsiusTech. From 1992-1996 I worked in the ESPRIT project ParForce, where a program for analysis of programs written in the AKL Language was developed. During 1993-1996 I also served as an assistant project coordinator and project manager for the ESPRIT project ACCLAIM, a "sister" of ParForce.
I have participated as a program committé member in the PACLP conference (and its predecessors PAPPACT and PAP).
I have been a referee in a number of conferences and journals. Also ICLP, ISLP, NACLP, FGCS and JLP have used my services.
From 1996 until late 1998 I participated in projects on distributed tactical surveillance, and I have then worked mainly with decision support for distributed planning and scheduling. I represented SICS and "swedish industry" in the European Union network COMPULOG.
From 2002 until august 2005 my SICS activities were mainly the administrative coordination of the EU-project PEPITO. I currently work as the head of unit SCS Software and Computer Systems, and lecturer at the of ICT/KTH (the school of ICT in the Royal Institute of Technology), Stockholm, Sweden.
I pursue an as yet unfinished thesis on analysis techniques for a concurrent constraint logic programming language. The activity has been rather slow paced, in fact from 2002-2007 there has been practically no time (money) available to work on this, but the plan to finish it is still there!

Thomas Sjöland