Paper Submission: 10 Sept., 2015 (EXTENDED)

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Rod Tucker - University of Melbourne, Australia
Abolfazl Mehbodniya - Tohoku University


In the past years the energy efficiency of communication networks has been the focus of extensive research. This is due to the fact that the power consumption of communication networks has grown to become a critical issue, being that the Information and Communication Technology sector accounts for up to 7% of the entire electricity production. Additionally, user traffic is expected to notably increase in the future, due to the increase of the number of subscribers as well as the continued expansion of bandwidth-hungry services. In this context, different green approaches have been proposed in order to reduce the energy consumption of both wired and wireless networks, at all layers, and in all network segments (i.e., access, metro/aggregation, and core).

Although the benefits in terms of energy saving are clear, the implications of introducing energy- aware techniques and installing energy-aware devices are still at an early stage. More in depth, it is of particular importance to understand the sustainability of energy-aware networks, focusing on the costs derived from energy-aware networks as well as on the possibility to exploit renewable sources to power the communication devices. As a second issue, the investigation of energy-aware solutions in terms of implementation aspects is a mandatory step. In this context, solutions considering testbed implementation and evaluation of energy-aware networks are of central importance. These solutions may also integrate state-of-the-art paradigms like Software Defined Networking (SDN), 5G technology, and Elastic Optical Networks (EONs). Finally, energy-aware networking should also consider the impact on reliability. In particular, we call for solutions considering energy-aware resilient networks as well as studies of the impact of the energy-aware policies on the failure rate of networking equipment.

The workshop is open to submissions covering sustainable, implementable, and/or resilient energy-aware solutions. We expect contributions targeting wired and wireless networks, access/metro/backbone networks as well as datacenter networks, due to the fact that sustainability, implementation and resilience of energy- aware network are orthogonal topics. The workshop will pave the way to a broad discussion of energy-awareness in communication networks, with a positive impact on industries, research centers, and universities.


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