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Tatjana Pavlenko
Tatjana Pavlenko

Associate professor of mathematical statistics

Mathematical Statistics

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)



My research interests lie in the area of probability and statistical inference in high and infinite dimensions, Bayesian graph structure learning, high-dimensional problems in supervised learning, detection and feature selection in sparse mixture models, with applications to large-scale biomedical data.

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My PhD students:

Felix Leopoldo Rios, 2012-2017. Bayesian inference in probabilistic graphical models. Currently working at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, KTH.

Annika Tillander, 2009-2013. Classification models for high-dimensional data with sparsity patterns. Currently working as a senior lecturer at the Department of Computer and Information Science, Division of Statistics and Machine Learning, Linköping University.


SF2930 Regression Analysis
SF2935 Modern Methods of Statistical Learning
SF1901 Probability and Statistics for Vehicle Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Programmes
SF1901 Probability and Statistics for Medical Engineering and Technical Physics Programmes
SF3961 Graduate course in Statistical Inference
SF1905 Probability and Statistics for Engineering and Education Programme

Department of Mathematics
Royal Institute of Technology
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