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Tatjana Pavlenko
Tatjana Pavlenko

Associate professor of mathematical statistics

Mathematical Statistics

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)



My research interests are in the area of multivariate statistical analysis, with particular forcus on methods for classification of high-dimensional data with complex dependence structure. I am also interested in applications of probability and statistical methods to medicine, bioinformatics and life sciences.

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SF3961 Graduate course in Statistical Inference
SF1901 Probability and Statistics for Vehicle Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Programmes
SF1901 Probability and Statistics for S and I Programmes
SF1905 Probability and Statistics for Engineering and Education Programme
SF1901 Probability and Statistics for Electrical Engineering Programme

Department of Mathematics
Royal Institute of Technology
SE-100 44 Stockholm
Email: pavlenko@math.kth.se
Phone: +46-8-790 84 66
Office: 3442
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Updated: 23/1-2013