We have a gamut of projects and a broad research agenda. Remunerated positions are announced at the central KTH web page (Vacancies). Please see below direct links for currently open (or recently closed) positions with the group. If you are interested, please apply directly - as per the formal position description.

Rather than emailing me your brief CV and a generic inquiry, please ask your advisor/closer collaborator to send me a brief email commenting your interest and match with NSS.

There is also a link to MSc projects, to be carried at and with the NSS group. These are not remunerated and they are meant for KTH students (or exchange/dual degree students).

PhD students

We invite applications for pre-doctoral research positions. Applicants must hold or be about to receive an MSc degree (typically, in computer science, electrical and computer engineering, information and communication technologies, mathematics, or a related area).

Please see the detailed announcement and apply as specified here.

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Post-doctoral researchers

We invite applications for post-doctoral research positions that match or extend our ongoing activities. Candidates must hold or be about to receive a doctoral degree.

Please see the detailed announcement and apply as specified here.

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MSc student thesis

We invite applications for MSc thesis work to be undertaken at NSS. We typically link the theses to our research. Please see potential topics and apply as explained here: MSc thesis topics (to be updated soon).

We also consider MSc thesis by KTH students conducted outside KTH (notably, industry). If interested doing this with us, please apply as above and in addition please provide information on the proposed external party and proposed topic. Please note that the external party may provide you with some remuneration.

In any case, it is recommended that you have already taken one or more of our courses and feel you can demonstrate a solid connection with the group and our work.

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    Any application not received by the stated deadline as per the KTH Vacancies announcement and the KTH procedures in place cannot be considered.

    Applications to external parties for MSc thesis have to be submitted to them. We decide independently on whether the thesis can be connected with NSS.

    For BSc theses and other projects, please see our "Teaching."