Niklas Möller

Associate Professor, Docent
Division of Philosophy
KTH (Royal Institute of Technology)
Brinellvägen 32
100 44 Stockholm

Publications in international peer-reviewed journals

"The Interdependence of Risk and Moral Theory.” Ethical Theory & Moral Practice (forthcoming, with Eva Erman).

"Defining Information Security." Science and Engineering Ethics (forthcoming, with Björn Lundgren).

"Political Legitimacy and the Unreliability of Language.” Public Reason (forthcoming, with
Eva Erman).

"Political Legitimacy for Our World: Where is Political Realism Going?” The Journal of Politics (
forthcoming, with Eva Erman).

"How Practices Do Not Matter”, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (forthcoming, with Eva Erman).

"Practice-Dependence and Epistemic Uncertainty", Journal of Global Ethics 13:2, 187-205 (2017, with Eva Erman).

"The Concepts of Risk, Safety and Security: Applications in Everyday Language", Risk Analysis: An International Journal 36:2, 320-338  (2016, with Max Boholm and Sven Ove Hansson).

"Why Democracy Cannot be Grounded in Epistemic Principles", Social Theory & Practice 42 (3) (2016,
with Eva Erman).

"Why Political Realists Should Not be Afraid of Moral Values", Journal of Philosophical Research 40: 459–464  (2016, with Eva Erman).

"What Distinguishes the Practice-Dependent Approach to Justice?” Philosophy & Social Criticism 42(1): 3–23 (2015, with Eva Erman).

"We Can Believe the Error Theory”, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 8, 453-459 (2015, with Hallvard Lillehammer).

"Practices and Principles: On the Methodological Turn in Political Theory”, Philosophy Compass 10 (8), 533-546 (2015, with Eva Erman).

“What Not to Expect from the Pragmatic Turn in Political Theory”, European Journal of Political Theory 14(2), 121–140 (2015, with Eva Erman).

"Political Legitimacy in the Real Normative World: the Priority of Morality and the Autonomy of the Political", British Journal of Political Science 45(1), 215-233 (2015, with Eva Erman).

“Brandom and Political Philosophy”, The Journal of Political Philosophy 22(4), 486–498 (2014, with Eva Erman).

“All that jazz: Linguistic competence and improvisation”, Philosophical Studies 167 (2), 237-250 (2014)

"Direct Reference and the Open Question Argument",
dialectica 67(4), 383–402 (2013).

“Three Failed Charges Against Ideal Theory”, Social Theory & Practice 39(1), 19-44
(2013, with Eva Erman).

“Thick Concepts and Practice”, Polish Journal of Philosophy 5(2), 77-98

“Black Swans and Black Elephants of Nuclear Safety”, Ethics, Policy & Environment 14(3), 273-278
(2011, with Per Wikman-Svahn).

“Should we follow the experts’ advice? On epistemic uncertainty and asymmetries of safety”, International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management 11(4), 219-236

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(2008, with S.O. Hansson).

“Safety is more than the antonym of risk”, Journal of Applied Philosophy, 23, 419-432
(2006, with S.O. Hansson & M. Peterson).

Monographs,  edited volumes and collections

Special issue: “Risk and Moral Theory”, Ethical Theory & Moral Practice (co-edited with Eva Erman).

The Practical Turn in Political Theory. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press (with Eva Erman, under completion).

Handbook of Safety Principles, Forthcoming in book form in the book series Wiley Essentials in Operations Research and Management Science and in the web-based Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science (EORMS) (Co-editing with Sven Ove Hansson, Jan-Erik Holmberg, Carl Rollenhagen.)

Thick Concepts in Practice: Normative Aspects of Risk and Safety, Stockholm: Royal Institute of Technology. (2009, Doctoral thesis)

Safety and decision-making, Stockholm: Royal Institute of Technology. (2006, Licentiate thesis)

Other Publications

“Value uncertainty”, in The Argumentative Turn in Policy Analysis, eds. S.O. Hansson & G. Hirsch Hadorn, Dordrecht: Springer, 105-133 (2016).

"The Non-Reductivity of Normativity in Risks”, in Norms and the Artificial: Moral and Non-Moral Norms in Technology, eds. M.J. de Vries, S.O. Hansson & A.W.M. Meijers, 173-191

“The concepts of risk and safety”, in Handbook of Risk Theory, eds. Sabine Roeser, Rafaela Hillerbrand, Martin Peterson, and Per Sandin, Dordrecht: Springer, 55-85 (2012).

“Stability and Rightful Authority: the Political Failures of the Dune Societies”,  in Dune & Philosophy, ed. J. Nicholas, Chicago: Open Court Publishing, 61-73
(2011, with Eva Erman).

Thick Concepts in Practice: Normative Aspects of Risk and Safety
, Stockholm: Royal Institute of Technology (
2009, Doctoral thesis).

”Risk, säkerhet och den öppna frågans argument” [Risk, safety and the open question argument], in Risk & Risiko, ed. J. Persson & N-E. Sahlin, Nora: Bokförlaget Nya Doxa, 123-145

“Jakten på den försvunna meningen” [”The hunt for meaning lost”], in 8 filosofiska texter [8 philosophical texts], ed. K. Löfgren & D. Munter, Stockholm: Förlaget Anomali, 95-110

Safety and decision-making
, Stockholm: Royal Institute of Technology (
2006, Licentiate thesis).

“Vad menar vi med säkerhet?” [“What do we mean by safety”], in Filosofins nya möten [“New Encounters in Philosophy”], ed. K. Edvardsson, S. O. Hansson & J. Nihlén Fahlquist, Hedemora: Gidlunds Förlag, 63-74

“Analysing safety: epistemic uncertainty and the limits of objective safety”, in Safety and Security Engineering, ed. C.A Brebbia, F. Garzia & M. Garascio, Southampton: WIT Press, 63-72

 Book Reviews

Review of Sophie Grace Chappell (ed.): Intuition, Theory, and Anti-Theory in Ethics, Oxford University Press, 2015, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 19, 559-561 (2016).

Review of Christian Munthe: The Price of Precaution and the Ethics of Risk, Springer, 2011, Theoria 79: 89–92 (2013).

Academic Background

Associate Professor of philosophy (docent) since January 2015.

Assistant Professor (bitr. lektor) at the Division of Philosophy, KTH, June 2012.

Post-doctoral researcher, Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University, 2011-2012.

EC Marie-Curie Intra-European Fellow at Faculty of Philosophy, Cambridge University, Cambridge, 2009-2011.

Doctoral Degree in Philosophy from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, 2009.

Visiting Scholar at Georgetown University, Washington DC, spring term 2007.

Licentiate's Degree in Philosophy from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, 2006.

Bachelor of Arts in Practical Philosophy, Stockholm University, Stockholm, 2004.

Master of Science in Engineering Physics, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, 1995.