Graph Theory 7,5hp, ht08


Course start: Thursday, September 4, 2008, 10.15-12.00.
Location: Seminarierum 3733, floor 7, math department, KTH.
Examiner: Svante Linusson, 08-790 9444, epost:linusson (followed by the usual sign and then)
Co-organizer: Alexander Engström, 08-790 6509, epost:alexe (followed by the usual sign and then)
If you plan to attend the course but cannot come the first time please let Svante know.


The course will be problem oriented, which means that we will start from interesting problems which will then force us to learn useful and relevant techniques to solve these problems. The students will be expected to read the chapter and solve problems before the classes. A large part of the lectures will be devoted to students presenting the solutions to the problems and special interesting theorems from the book. At course start we will have a list of areas to go through, but this could be altered if some student has a special interest. We think that this course could be of interest also to PhD-students from other departments.
There are no formal prerequisites for the course. We only need some basics from linear algebra, topology and probability at some places throughout the course. But a genuine interest in graph theory is assumed.

Here is the schedule.


We meet once a week, Thursdays 10-12. The students are expected to have read the chapter and solved the asigned excercices before class. Every class will consist of three parts. Presentation/discussion of some imortant theorem(s), student presentation of solutions to the excercices and possibly also questions/discussions about other parts of the text.


"Graph Theory, (3rd edition)", by Reinhard Diestel, GTM Springer Verlag
Freely available to download here.

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